E-Commerce Trends to Know to Thrive Amid Coronavirus Impacts

While the coronavirus pandemic has caused the shutdown and bankruptcy of many businesses, it has also ushered fresh opportunities for many e-commerce sellers. As people dabble on the latest WHO counts, their behavior and preferences are also changing to align with the set precautionary measures. With this changing consumer behavior, businesses are also revamping their systems and operations to…



Be More Productive Today: 6 Office Tips That Work

Are you struggling to be more productive at work? Do you usually start the day out strong but then fizzle out after lunch? We’ve all been there, and sometimes it can be hard to break the cycle, but don’t worry we’ve got some ways to help you get out of your funk. Keep reading for some great office tips that will help you be more productive at work and help you work smarter, not…

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2020 Social Media Marketing Trends

So far in 2020, the UK has seen a never-before surge in mobile usage rates, with 96% of social media users being super active on various social platforms over the last few months. In January, more than 75% of users engaged with social media. UK businesses are tapping the…

The Importance of Having Entrepreneurship Skills to Start a Business

Some entrepreneurs seem to be born for the task, starting and running their enterprises effortlessly while others need to learn the skills one needs to become a business owner. However, like leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills are not only for born naturals, as they…

15 Best Alternatives to Rabbit - Websites like TV

In this article, we have listed 15 alternatives to Rabbit and described them to make it easy for you to find the best option. Rabbit (aka TV) was an excellent platform where people used to organize meetings with friends and stream movies & videos together. This…
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How to Deal with Language Translation Challenges as a Student

Students are facing hectic workloads nowadays. Coursework alone can be cumbersome, but when you add all the reference materials and research documentation you need to go through at advanced levels in college, the hill suddenly becomes a mountain. In many cases, documents…
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How to Download a YouTube Video to Your Laptop or iPhone/iPad

Be it music, documentaries, short films, albums, or even news, YouTube has risen to be one of the pioneer platforms that provide every form of entertainment on the Internet without charging you anything. One of the most popular sites in the world to watch and upload videos…

What is location Spoofing App for iPhone and iOS

Change your iPhone location to anyplace within the planet Changing the location on your iPhone or golem device involves tricking your phone into telling apps that you’re settled somewhere you’re not. In most cases, once you spoof your GPS location, each…