10 Important SEO Metrics You Need to Monitor Regularly

What are SEO metrics, and why is it vital?

SEO tracking is vital to keep a check on the success of your website. There are various metrics that you need to keep track of regularly. But first, you need to know which metrics are important for your website.

SEO tracking is easy once you know the specific SEO metrics that you need to monitor. This article will tell you about the ten important SEO metrics that you need to monitor regularly. This will help your website to gain more success.

1) Organic Traffic

Bringing traffic to your website is the primary task of SEO. Organic Traffic helps you to know how well your website is performing through organic search. It is important to note that not all traffic to your website comes from organic search. In many cases, people visit your website through links, ads, etc., on various social media platforms.

Organic Traffic exclusively shows you the result that your website gains from the organic search. The success of Organic Traffic depends on many factors, and using the correct keyword is one of them. If your organic traffic increases every month, it means your hard work is paying off.

2) Tracking Keywords

Keywords are crucial because it is the word that a user types on the search engine to find information or websites related to the word. Suppose if someone types a clothes shop, you want your website to show before anyone else’s. For this reason, using the right keyword is necessary as it helps to increase traffic for your website.

But how will you know the keyword that you have used is effective? For this reason, Keyword tracking is vital. The result after tracking the keyword will tell you the following things-

  • After tracking, if you see it has a good ranking, it means your SEO plan is successful.
  • But if your keyword ranking is low, you need to change the keyword and use something else to increase its rank.

3) Organic Conversions

Many people can visit your websites only when someone buys something or fills a form or subscribes etc., based on the service that the website provides, which is called an organic conversion. Tracking and organic conversion are crucial, and it helps you know your website’s overall success. Set up custom goals that will help you to keep a better track of your organic conversions.

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4) Tracking Organic CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

Tracking Organic CTR is crucial because it tells you how much attractive your page is. It also tells you how much your website is capable of getting the attention of the viewers. CTR shows the number of people who visit your website after seeing it on SERP. Based on the tracking results, you can make improvements if you need them on your website.

5) New Backlinks and Referring Domains 

Another crucial metric of your website to monitor is new backlinks and referring domains. The backlinks have an immense impact on SEO performance. A page with backlinks from better domains is always superior.

You can successfully monitor your page’s backlink with SEO analytics and backlink monitoring tools. The backlink monitoring tools will help to show you updated frequency, accuracy, and trends.

6) Monitoring DA 

SEO should help you to increase the authority of your website. DA or Domain Authority is thus crucial to monitor regularly. It is measured on a scale of one to a hundred. The higher the number goes, the more trustworthy your website will be considered.

7) Engagement Metrics 

Engagement metrics determine how much time the user stays engaged with your website. The engagement metrics include- bounce rate, time on site, and pages per visit.

Bounce rate- It shows the number of people who came to your website but left without clicking on any links. In other words, the bounce rate shows a percentage of people who left without any further activities after visiting your website.

The lower the bounce rate, the better it is for your website. A lower bounce rate means your webpage is providing the content that viewers want. It helps to gain SEO goals for your website faster.

Time on site- It shows the average amount of time a viewer spent on your website.

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Pages per visit- This shows the number of pages a viewer views on your website before leaving.

8) Page Speed

It is also important to monitor the page speed. It shows how fast the contents on the pages of your website load. The SERP ranking that Google makes is also based on page speed.

Page speed is also known as page load time or time to the first byte. Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool helps to monitor these SEO metrics.

9) Top Exit Page

The top exit page is also an important SEO metric one needs to keep track of. It shows the last page maximum number of viewers visited before leaving your website. Once you find that page, you can make the necessary changes you require.

10) Local Visibility 

This is another vital SEO metric that you need to monitor. It helps you to know that the organic traffic to your website is coming from the right audience. For that, you need to track a few crucial local SEO metrics. These include- Google Maps Rankings, Google My Business Insights, and Session Location.

  • Google Maps Rankings- For this, you will need a rank tracker. It will track Google Maps Rankings to find the location of your business.
  • Google My Business Insights- You need to set up Google My Business Insights. It will monitor how often the GMB page appears on directions, search results, etc.
  • Session Location- It helps to determine the amount of local traffic your website receives.

To Sum Up 

Thus, these are the ten important SEO metrics that you need to monitor regularly. If you have an online website for your business, monitoring these SEO metrics can help you a lot. All these help your website to gain the success that you aim for.

Author Bio: Rishabh Raj is owner of Scorsh Having 9+ years of experience as a Digital Marketing Consultant. He has started his carrier as an affiliate marketer and this is how he started learning Digital Marketing, later he worked for local, national & global clients to grow their business at top-notch level.

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