15 Businesses You Can Start with Less Than $100

They say the business industry is a dangerous place. There are many pitfalls. Competitors do their best to make your business ship sink. This may be true. But it’s not an obstacle for a person who strives to launch a project. Actually, there are no boundaries for such a person. Even a lack of money isn’t a problem.

In the modern world, there are many opportunities that help to cut costs and start a business with minimum investment. For example, in marketing, you can save on tools and technology. According to Gartner’s report, they account for one-third of a marketing budget.

However, sometimes you just have to go small and choose simple business ideas with minimum costs. Here are 15 options to start business with as little as $100.


This may not be the first thing to come to your mind when you think about small profitable business ideas. However, many people are ready to pay for magnifying hand-lettering art. Wedding invitations and thanksgiving cards are just a couple of things to decorate with beautiful calligraphy. Although you aren’t likely to reach the scope of a printing company like Fortuna Visual Group, customers will definitely find you.

Web Design

If you are good at design and have a wonderful aesthetical touch, web design is for you. You will need to spend some money on courses. Luckily, there are many at an affordable price. What is more, piles of information are available free of charge. This is a future business that will remain relevant for years. After all, everything is moving in the online realm.

Selling Crafty Goods

If you have an aptitude for crafts, you can start your small business by selling them on Etsy. It’s a marketplace where people are selling and buying crafty goods. The platform solves one of the major problems – finding a target audience. All you will need is some materials and time. If the demand is sufficient, you can think about conquering other platforms like Amazon.


It’s a good old side job that stays relevant. People will always need someone to leave their kids with. If you are building a rapport with children easily, think about dedicating several hours per week to them. You can find the groups on Facebook or make a post on Twitter to attract clients.

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This is one of the most popular online business ideas. Although the number of bloggers is constantly rising, you have a chance to prosper as well. This business doesn’t take many resources. All you need is unique content and some money for advertising. After that, you can start to sell ads yourself and reinvest the gain to promote the blog.

Homemade Meal Cooking

Who doesn’t like homemade food? It’s an undeniable truth that homemade food is much more delicious. You can specialize in a specific cuisine. Another idea is to make a healthy diet. In any case, it requires spending on groceries only. Later on, when you become famous, it won’t take much effort to work out a business plan and start dealing with catering companies.


Tutors are always in demand. People consider education as a very important aspect. With the promotion of life-long learning, your target audience isn’t limited to children and teenagers only. Many educational platforms provide all the necessary conditions for a tutor to start working.

Door Dash Delivery

The economy of sharing is opening many new horizons for a person to earn a living. Door Dash delivery is one of them. You can register in a special app and deliver food from a local café or groceries.

Restoring Furniture

This is a time-consuming activity. The principle is that you find an old piece of furniture, renovate it, and then sell. While such a business requires much effort, it can become a profitable hobby. Sometimes, you can even present the restored furniture as hand-made. This significantly boosts the price.

Dogs Walking/ Sitting

Do you want to start a business with no money? Dogs walking or sitting is the ideal choice. If you like pets and ready to spend with them your free time, this is exactly what you are looking for. You can register on websites like Rover, where there are many customers.

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Garage Sale

Selling used stuff is profitable. The only thing to do is to find what to sell. Obviously, everything must be in a good state. You can ask your friends or neighbors to give you some old things they don’t use. Another idea is to resell stuff with a slight surcharge.


Landscape design costs a lot. Many households merely don’t have that much money to afford it. If you like to spend your free time in a garden and have a delicate taste, this can be your chance. Start small and offer the service to the neighbors. Don’t forget to take some photos of your work to show them to potential clients.

Event Decorating

This isn’t compulsory something big like exhibitions. Many people like to hold a party in the garden. Some want to decorate their house at Christmas. If you like décor, this is a good way to earn some money. You will have to buy some decorations to use. In some cases, you can make a deal with a client so that he covers the expenditures.

Tour Guide

Being a tour guide is probably not the best business to start in 2020. The pandemic makes everyone stay home for the sake of personal safety. However, once everything settles, plenty of tourists will travel. You can become a local city tour guide. Just learn some information about the main sightseeing points and find clients.

Freelance Bartending

What about unique business ideas? They are right here. Freelance bartending allows you to make some money just by making drinks. You will have to buy a bartender set only. The drinks are usually provided by the client.

Please, share your ideas on how to start a business online or offline with a minimum investment?

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The author is an experienced entrepreneur. He is dealing mainly in venture investments. The professional devotes his life to helping talented people develop their projects. He believes that a person can make a difference even with insignificant investments. Currently, he is writing a book on how to launch a successful business with minimum resources.

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