5 Kitchen Countertop Materials

Kitchen renovations are amongst the most popular home renovations. Choosing what type of material to use for your countertops can be a challenge, especially when it needs to reflect your personality and stand up to suitable wear and tear. You will need to consider what materials will match your kitchen’s aesthetic and how much you are willing to maintain your new material. Below is an overview of five materials to give you a helping hand.


If you’re after something with a vibrant pattern that is easy to maintain and won’t break the bank, you should opt for a laminate countertop. Although these surfaces are great at providing quirky visuals, they might not be the most practical. If you’re working with hot pans, you will need to avoid putting them down on the laminate surface, otherwise, it may melt.


On the topic of natural stone, granite has always been an extremely popular material for kitchen countertops. Granite is the toughest natural stone you can find for your kitchen, so it has a higher price tag to match. If you’re looking for something hard-wearing, granite is a prime choice. It is the most scratch-proof and heat-resistant stone you can get. When it comes to finding the perfect countertop, you can find quality custom cut granite from companies like World Stone Group.


This material is durable and requires next to no maintenance – perfect for the lazy cooks out there. Quartz is a blend of resin, polymers, and quartz particles, and the result is a countertop that looks just like natural stone. Quartz has an edge over a natural stone because you can keep it shining for longer. After all, it is more resistant to the harsh chemicals found in cleaning products.

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Although copper isn’t the most common material used in kitchens, it is on the rise and offers something fairly unique. Copper has natural antimicrobial properties, which is ideal for a kitchen. There aren’t any other materials out there that can come close to the look and feel of having a copper kitchen – which is reflected in its price tag. Copper kitchens aren’t the easiest to maintain as spills can oxidize and leave stains (polishing regularly will help). Further, the surface will conduct heat, which means that after you’ve put your hot pans down, the area will become rather hot.


This classic material is ideal for kitchens because it kills more bacteria than other options. Wooden kitchens are timeless, so you won’t need to worry so much about depreciation. Further, it won’t break your bank in the process. When you take your time and buy your wood from a reputable manufacturer, wood can be extremely easy to maintain.

Choosing a material for your kitchen is exciting, especially if you use your kitchen as a base to catch up with friends or you have a keen passion for cooking. No matter what your reason for renovating, there is a kitchen countertop material to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

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