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5 Marketing Tools to Help You Up Your Real-Estate Game

Within the real estate business, it is integral to be quick with your decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Market statistics in 2021 show that competition within the real estate industry is expected to increase by at least 3.2%. This means that the industry is set to boom and that marketers need to get ready for the challenge.

What techniques can you as a real estate agent use, then, to stand apart from the competition? How can you make sure you’re reaching your customers effectively, especially in this age of technological dependence?

There’s one answer to this: Online marketing.

Digital marketing tools have taken over the world by storm. The real estate industry in particular has become greatly influenced by this technological shift. Buyers are now largely searching for homes online instead of in person, and it is vital for sellers to meet them halfway.

For a real estate agent today, the use of online marketing tools has become necessary. Listed below are some of the most useful tools realtors can use to market effectively to their clients and make their business dealings easier.

1. Find clients through Zillow

With the onset of the pandemic and marketplaces closing down, it can be hard to find customers as easily as before. It is up to realtors to look for more creative ways to reach out to clients.

That is where Zillow comes in. As an online marketplace dedicated to connecting real estate buyers and sellers, Zillow comes with a wide variety of features for both parties to benefit from. You can make an agent profile on Zillow and post your real estate listings for free with an unlimited amount of visuals. Through this simple procedure, you can potentially reach out to millions of home shoppers, who can sign up to receive instant emails about all new listings.

With Zillow, you have the chance to market your skills to a much broader audience, without worrying about being trampled on by the competition. A premier feature, Zillow Premier Agent, also allows you to pay a certain fee to generate more traffic toward your listings.

While a premium subscription may not be the ideal choice for those starting out, any beginner can jump straight into the market through Zillow’s easy-to-navigate platform.

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2. Market your work through Google Adwords

With everything moving online, figuring out how to determine what customers want has become increasingly technical. But with clever tools like Google Adwords, you can now directly access your client’s key interests with just a few clicks.

Google Adwords is a pay-per-click marketing tool that allows you to advertise your business through the most popularly used search engine. It also allows you to customize your advertisements solely to the needs of your customer base.

Now, realtors can benefit from increased engagement toward their online advertisements. All you have to do is choose the most popular keywords related to your brand or product, and your customers will see your ad whenever they search those words on Google. You only need to pay when a user clicks on your ad, thus making this one of the most cost effective methods of marketing out there.

Google Adwords provides a variety of advantages to realtors. From being able to tailor your ads to your specific audience and the sites they use, to helping you optimize your campaigns with no additional costs, this tool makes marketing much easier.

3. Create eye-catching graphics with PosterMyWall

Visuals form a significant part of your marketing campaign. With an increased trend for digital marketing, the need to make your visual content exciting, engaging, and fresh has become all the more integral.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry. The internet provides you with a variety of online design tools to help you create engaging graphics without having to waste money on a professional designer.

PosterMyWall is a design tool that helps you create flyers, social media posts, video content, and much more through its easy-to-navigate interface and its variety of templates. From themed fonts to fun and colorful clip art, this site helps you create professional designs for free.

All you have to do is log in for free and choose from the never-ending array of real estate flyer templates available on the PosterMyWall interface. Choose an existing template or make one of your own using a variety of cool tools.

5 Marketing Tools to Help You Up Your Real-Estate Game

4. Give your clients a virtual tour through CloudPano

The pandemic has made conducting business in person difficult, and people hesitant to leave the house. Luckily, there are now online tools available like CloudPano to give your clients a virtual experience without hassle.

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As a sales tool designed to help you share and view any space in an immersive 360 degree environment, CloudPano now allows realtors to give their customers virtual tours of any space they are interested in.

You can create your own virtual tours on the platform by paying a basic $10 fee as a one-time payment and gaining access to features like hotspot navigation with no extra charge. To benefit from this tool, upload your 360 degree experiences in just a few clicks and get a code-based link that you can share with your users.

With its motion-sensing abilities, tours made on this platform can be accessed through both iOS and Android with ease, therefore giving your customers the ability to look at properties from the comfort of their homes.

5. Fine-tune your listings with BoxBrownie

One of the biggest sellers for a real estate property is a high quality photo. Through BoxBrownie, you can now edit your property listings and turn them into professional images in just a few basic clicks.

Through this tool and it’s easy-to-navigate interface, you can improve your real estate marketing game by editing your photos, staging a high definition virtual space, creating floor plan redraws, and so much more.

The site allows you to work on a low budget. With its cost effective payment plan, BoxBrownies allows you to pay a fixed rate per image and avoid high monthly subscription fees. Such enhanced tools and features allow you to market a property in its most aesthetically pleasing state without the hassle of physical work. You can upload your photos anytime and have your clients see exactly what they want in a property from their own homes.

Competition has increased significantly in the real estate market over the years. With the above mentioned effective marketing tools, you will be able to make sure you are ahead in the game. Get new customers and optimize your listings by using these platforms and see the true benefits of digital marketing.

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