8 Using an insulated tumbler or bottle for your favorite

Whenever you want a drink of choice, make the most of your work breaks with affordable investment in a vacuum insulated tumbler, a vital accessory for enjoying cold or hot beverages on the go, at the office, or home.

For enjoying cold or room temperature drinks, then a tumbler with a straw is best for you. The tumbler straw provides mess-free access to beverages and a clean taste with every sip. For hot drinks like tea and coffee, the lid comes with a small and low-profile opening that allows you to slowly sip warm drinks without any spills or mess. The post discusses the benefits of using vacuum-insulated tumblers.

More sanitary and it’s better for the environment

Nowadays, staying healthy and safe from germs is on everybody’s minds, another reason to include a vacuum insulated tumbler as one of your essentials. When sharing space with others, it is recommended to carry your own clean and sanitized coffee tumbler. That way, you can avoid any cross-contamination from using communal utensils and mugs in the break room. To make sure your tumbler doesn’t get accidentally misplaced or swiped, buy tumblers with bright-colored models that are easy to spot. You can also customize your coffee tumbler with decorative labels, a fun way to enjoy staying caffeinated and hydrated at work.

There’s no problem visiting your favorite store or shop for your coffee in the morning. But, in today’s environmentally-conscious day and age, it’s wise to bring your container whenever possible. Reusable insulated tumblers and bottles can help you reduce environmental waste, especially when you choose to use them every day.

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It keeps your drink hot and cold.

Most people make themselves a hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning to help them start their day. Teas and coffee are best when hot, so when they’re left in old coffee mugs and cool down before you can finish them, it can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Fortunately, these vacuum insulated tumblers are the perfect size for your hot tea or coffee. Imagine being able to finish your coffee before it gets cold. As you may have guessed, this tumbler is also great for keeping wine that should be served chilled cold for hours.

It is best for runners and athletes.

Finally, if you are a runner or an athlete looking for the perfect hydration bottle to carry with you on your walk, run, or jog even to the gym, a vacuum insulated bottle with a leak-proof lid and a carry grip is an excellent choice. An insulated drink bottle is beneficial in several ways. It’s great for travel since it cannot spill or leak in a car, and it keeps your beverages cold or hot for hours.

It’s better for the environment than paper or foam cups. And, it’s perfect for athletes and runners who prefer slimmer bottles to tuck into their backpacks while out for a hike. The best part is that they can be personalized, with several maps to suit your personal preferences, and they also make phenomenal handouts.    

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