Article Optimization Tips & FAQ

For more traffic on your article,Share/bookmark the link of the article. as much as you can.There is share\bookmark button at the bottom of your article. But make sure first your article gets approved.

There is also a facebook like button below the title and above the content,like the page so that your friend on facebook can also see your article.The more you share\bookmark your article ,more will you receive traffic on your website.

This will increase the traffic on your article giving out maximum exposure to your website and make you more money. Share your article link on facebook and other social networking sites as much as you can to increase traffic.

Once your article started to rank in google you will start getting good traffic to your website.For this you need to make sure that you are making backlinks to your article link.Write always good quality and informational content ,if people find it good then they will automatically share your content which will result in more traffic to your website .

onPage SEO

1. Use only 55 character title atmost.Most search engines uses maximum of 55 chars for the title.
2. Choose the Correct category.
3. Use the tags which have 3-5% keyword density in your article content.
4. Do Proper spacing.Your Article should have atleast 3 paragraphs so it does look beautiful.You can use BR and P code of HTML.
5.First alphabet of your title should be in capital.
6.We request you not to Submit Spam Articles or any abusive language.
Please Help us Keeping Large Article Neat and Clean.

Q:-Why my article is deleted or not accepted?
Ans:-This can be happen due to various factors like
*The Article is not in english language.

*The article does not have proper spacing between the paragraphs.
*The Article word count is found to be less than 500 words.
*The Article content is not appropriate or it is spam.
*The Article is less than 500 words.
*The Article is containing vulgar or offensive words.
*Title Is more than 80 characters.

*The article is not unique.It is already posted on the web.
*The article text is found to be spinned.

*Fill proper tags in the tag section and choose the correct category.

*Make use of Bold and italic option.You can also use images with your articles.

Select the text and make your text either bold or italic so that it will look good , attractive and interesting to read.

*The article is not useful or informational.Your article must give some useful information  to the readers.

*The article contains adult content.Large article does not accept adult content.

NOTE: Our editors can change the title of your article if found inappropriate or unrelated to the SEO point of view.

How to know whether my article is submitted or not?
You can see all the articles by simply visiting your author link
In place of username write your username.If your username contains space then use dash (-) in place of space.

Q:-I have submitted my articles 5 days ago but it is not published.?
Ans.Your article has been deleted because it doesnot satisfy any of the above conditions.

Our editors take a maximum time of 5 days for article approval.If you didnt found your article after 5 days that means Your article is not accepted and it is deleted.Usually our editors approve within 1 day.
So Start posting today and boost your website traffic.

LargeArticle only accepts good quality content.We are banning the users without any notice who spams repeatedly more than 3 times.If your article is not accepted or not published then donot submit the same article again.If you do so continuously for 3 times then your account can be in trouble and can lead to a permanent ban.

Your account could be in trouble if you submit the spun or spam article continuously 3 times.This limit gets broke and starts from the beginning once your quality article gets published.Please only submit useful and informational article.

If you have any question or queries feel free to ask us using contact us.

We request you please not to submit spam articles. Please Help us in keeping Large Article nice and clean.

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