Popular Cybersecurity Careers You Should Know About

There are a lot of cyber security courses to choose from today. Seriously, there couldn’t be a better time for students to consider cyber security as a promising career because of how great the demand has gone and how crazy good the benefits are. Due to the rising…

Profiting from OSRS High Alchemy

Can you really earn through alching? Mages learn High Alchemy at level 55. With the spell, they can convert items into OSRS gold. The conversion is about 60% of specialty store prices or 150% of the Low Alchemy prices. Using the spell is one of the better ways of leveling up…

WoW Classic: Best Professions to Pair with Mining

Perfect combinations that scream WoW! Mining is among the top professions one can take up while playing World of Warcraft Classic. For one, it’s a very lucrative endeavor that can yield tons of WoW Classic gold provided you spend enough time on it. Two, it’s also a…

One League Later: Why Path of Exile 3.13 Has Been Delayed

When can we finally enjoy PoE Heist? Delays are nothing new in the world of gaming, and Path of Exile is no exception. It’s why we’ll have to wait a little longer for the next expansion of the dark fantasy hack-and-slash loot and dungeon crawler. The question is why?

Exotic Weapons: How and Where to Find Them in Fortnite

Chapter 2: Season 5 of Fortnite has brought forth a lot of changes—ones that people either love or hate. Some of these changes include the removal of Salty Springs and Tilted Towers and the emergence of the combination of both of these places: Salty Towers. New skins from…

A Beginner’s Guide To World Of Warcraft

For years now, World of Warcraft has been at the forefront of not just the MMORPG genre, but gaming in general. Few franchises have managed to achieve the lofty heights Blizzard’s prized title has enjoyed and even fewer have had the longevity and relevance it has. And with…
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How to Save Money With Slow Shopping

In recent years, we have started buying things differently. Online stores have become a habitual place, where you can buy your favorite branded pants or a bag in a couple of clicks, and augmented reality apps help you make your choice by offering virtual fittings. Special…

Mining VS Staking – Which One is Better?

For as long as time has been recorded, traditionalism and modernism were always in some kind of competition. There will always be people who remain loyal to the origins and people who live to explore as much as possible. We can see that in fields like art, education, or…