Transform Your Creative Writing Career

Freelance Author Freelance writers are independent and usually work on a range of articles published in magazines, newspapers, or on the web, in other words, we ask others you do my homework? Freelance writers should be prepared to direct their work and arrange submissions…

Why is There a Craze Trend in Trading Recently?

If you are not living under the rocks there is a possibility that you have noticed how people were rushing in flocks to invest money in currency trading in recent times. The world is going through a pretty bad phase and many businesses are losing their profitable operations.

How Machine Learning Has Impacted Logistics?

What is Machine Learning? Machine learning is a phrase referring to a series of algorithms and statistics that a computer uses to notice patterns and more importantly leans how to complete a given task. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence, which is the…

Essential Features Of A Research Paper

An excellent research paper needs to contain a title, the abstract, methods, and results. Additional information is from source citation, literature review, and discussion section. Most of the research papers are similar regardless of the academic discipline. The title…

9 Ways to Build a Business Off of Vacant Land

“This is delicious,” I exclaimed to our hosts. We were eating a spectacular three course meal made from produce grown on their 5-acre farm. The couple were our age and, while we had been busy running the rat race in New York City, they had bought a parcel of land and…