Discord Bots – 22 Best Discord Bots to Boost Your Discord Server

Discord is currently one of the gaming community’s most popular chat platforms, if you’re not aware. Thanks to its robust and customizable nature, it is very spontaneous and has been embraced by gamers across the globe. It can be highly personalized; you get an idea if you ever actually got your hands on Discord and setting up a server all of your own. The most excellent feature is that you can add bots to boost your server’s functionality significantly. They will mutually make it easier for you to handle your server better while carrying fun add-on functionality in tow. So, we have compiled a catalog of the 22 greatest Discord bots that your server will make better in the coming year.

Discord Bots – 22 Best Discord Bots to Boost Your Discord Server

Discord bots, as you have just seen, are now a huge part of your chat experience, helping you do even more with your servers.

Even if you just wanted a soundtracks bot, then these are some of the perfect bots you can add to your server for Discord is Rythm. It is fully steady and has sponsored above six million Discord servers as of now. With Rythm, you will get the most outstanding music experience from different outlets and contain Twitter, Sound Cloud, Twitch, and much more. Though Spotify is not supported out of the box, you may even manually configure the Bot to help Spotify, although it would require some hacky workarounds. The best part of Rythm, having said all that, is that it brings some music latency that is a big problem on Discord for other music bots. And not to mention, So without sacrificing the sound quality, you can get music shipped. Besides, you have assistance for lyrics, automatic play, and established prefix commands to monitor songs’ playback.

MEE6 is a versatile Discord bot that provides you complete command control. You may customize various commands to automatically give or delete positions, send a signal to the current channel, deliver welcoming messages, build a leveling scheme, and more. MEE6 also enables developers to build automatic, nefarious user moderation behavior.

Based on the number of infractions, and moderate users who harass the server, blacklist them, refined them, and more, you may set up fines. Finally, any time you or your favorite game subscription service goes live, MEE6 also helps you to email updates to your server. It’s a child you wouldn’t want to skip out on.

The PokeMeow rose to the top spot in the Best Discord Bot List following Poke cord. As you would expect from the game focused on capturing Pokémon, it’s very addictive. You can play with your mates in this game and show off your Shinnies and other bonuses. PokeMeow’s greatest attribute is that it has several Pokémon oddities that you won’t find anywhere else.

After Pokémon, you can also gain Poke Coins and invest in Poke Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master balls. Also, there are time-based challenges to find Pokémon in less than two hours. Loot boxes, hop as well as other valuable items will then be collected. It’s like I said, it’s an addicting game, and one of the best Discord bot concepts has been performed well. Step ahead and add the Discord server.

GAwesome is an excellent pick while you’re trying to introduce a multifunctional Bot to your Discord network. It’s an extremely versatile and efficient Bot that moderates the chats excellently well and carries many fun characteristics to improve user engagement on your server. It can push, restrict or honor users, but it could be used to perform polling, gifts, create sick memes, and often more.

However, the highlight of such a bot must be that it features a robust extension framework. This suggests that you can query GAwesome Bot to display social media like Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Reddit data. You always have the privilege of arranging your much customized in-chat RSS updates.

Dank Memer is among the Leading Discord Bots and deservingly on the Top chart. The Bot, as the title implies, is all about comics. You could really make memes in milliseconds with this Bot, modify objects, play with memes, and yeah, there are advanced meme instructions, though, too. With prefix instructions, you could create over 100 types of memes when maintaining your Discord Server in real-time.

Apart from that, Dank Memer has a currency structure that is very amusing and gratifying. There is cheating, gambling, and bank robbery, as I’ve said before, which you can configure inside the server. Dank Memer also provides a method of detail modification where you could just set up keywords and image templates to block and mutate undisciplined users on the server. Overall, if you enjoy memes, then Dank Member is your Discord Server’s shall immediately Bot.

Tatsumaki is an intelligent bot of Discord that several streamers of video games claim by them. It incorporates many moderation instructions, sets welcoming notes, alerts, and some other functions for you. Not merely the Bot restricted to Discord, but it also allows you to change the boot configuration from a dedicated dashboard. This helps you to browse the internet, keep updated with an RSS feed, and inside Discord more accurately.

Tatsumaki’s central noteworthy aspect is its much-talked reward scheme that further encourages server subscribers to grow more involved by making them gain XP & Ranks. Well, Your place on a Discord server is seen in the context of a visually appealing card which pushes you to communicate more often with users. So, To personalize the presentation of your tokens, you can use real money.

Suppose you are an Anime fan or a hardcore gamer who loves gaming characters. It would be best if you tried this as Mudae is a Discord Bot featuring characters from animation and games. You can personalize your account and combat against other players of this type. This has a repository of more than 35,000 names, including waifu, Manga’s husband, and 100,000 group images and GIFs.You will compete in multiplayer games inside your server, such as the waifu arena, capture Pokémon, and many other word-based games. Not to mention, Mudae also helps you, much like Dank Member, to build and set instructions to have some degree of moderation.

YAGPDB is another Discord bot, comparable to Tatsumaki and Dyno Bot, for handling various server tasks. To get the best idea of this Bot, YAGPDB stands for ‘Just another General Purpose Discord Bot. To be clear, having a similar developer that has built MEE6, a highly successful Discord Bot, creates YAGPDB.

The only distinction between these two bots is that YAGPDB carries several fresh features that MEE6 missed. This main point is that, no matter how you configure the Bot to act, the consistency is rock-solid.

Within a moment, you can receive feeds from multiple outlets right on your server to provide you a brief understanding of the feature. This endorses Reddit and YouTube, and you can also establish other webpages by manual process. However, for various reasons, you will create self-assigned roles: response, moderation, banning, ignoring, and so forth. There is also an excellent Automated Moderator that helps you, after a sequence of breaches of laws, to set rules to silence, kick and bar. Put, if you want a helpful Discord bot that is feature-rich in all ways, you should possibly opt for the YAGPDB bot on your computer. I’m pretty sure you will not be unhappy.

You can note that Discord doesn’t even have any native scheduling or calendar maintenance functionality available if you observe. So, in that case, you must use Discord’s most fantastic calendar bot, Sesh. It’s a devoted bot for handling schedules, scheduling, alerts, designing events, and perhaps more. You can create events rapidly with no particular format, and it does not have any static layouts to follow. In your most natural and straightforward language, construct assignments and define the time.

Also, I would highly recommend this Bot if you’re a gamer, as it will help you set the right time when interacting with gamers from all around the globe. It supports the automated conversion of the time zone and reminds you of a gaming case at your local time.

To keep it super convenient, Google Calendar could be paired with Sesh. Besides choosing the right time, countdowns, repeat activities, and configurable time zones, you support polling. Put, if you’d like a suitable calendar bot for Discord, Sesh seems to be the one you should introduce to your server.

Epic RPG is among the best Discord bots that help you play an incredible battle in a text-based RPG game and level up. Not only is the RPG the focus of this title, but you can gain and sell armors & guns to server members as well. It has more than 15 oubliettes where you’ll have to beat the monster’s bosses to access new orders and features.

Suppose you are a beginner to this game, type ‘RPG start,’ and all kinds of commands & gameplay rules will be added by the server. You can check your portfolio, stocks and fulfill missions, as you do in an immersive game. This even supports hunting, though I’m confident many of us are looking for, as well as escapism. And then go ahead and enjoy this cool game of Discord.

Dyno will likely be the very first Bot you update on the same one to improve its functionality if you have just set up your Discord server. This is a feature-rich bot that uses a dedicated dashboard to allow you complete control over its tasks, including auto-moderation with scheduled mutes, Mod log, and bans. Well, In your group talks, it was also modified to spot mass-mention or raid spam.

However helpful, Dyno is specifically when someone enters, leaves, or is banned from the server for airing custom announcements. It will assign user functions and, on your behalf, post AFK status. The thing I love much more, though, is the reality that it comes with integration with Cleverbot and can be used to post overwatch stats, Google analytics, but most significantly from YouTube to stream music.

On this thread, Karuta is another anime bot. So when you enjoyed Mudae, then you’d be utterly obsessed with Karuta. It has over 70,000 anime characters that you can win and gather cards and destroy on more collectibles. You can sell your menus and even earn cash. Due to its increasing economy & the capacity to use the cards through numerous Discord servers, Karuta thus becomes prevalent art a trumps Mudae in this respect. And, the best thing about Karuta is that even during high server operations, such as falling or seeing the cards, the server stays involved. If you enjoy anime characters, we would suggest Karuta, another funny discord you have to explore.

Another business-adventure game where you’ll have to offer Taco to raise additional cash is TacoShack. The game would be something like this: to get in more buyers, and you buy updates to boost your shack. The more customers you serve, the bigger your earnings will be. You will use the cash to run ads, customize your desk to look more appealing to your buyers, and much more. Your wealth would have to be spent in such a way that you can boost your Taco Shack while still collecting side cash. Also, there are side hustles that you can take part in to improve your hut. All in all, if you’re into Discord bots, then you’re only going to enjoy TacoShack.

Ok, who doesn’t have memes that end up making you (not literally) laugh and fall on the floor? Unless you’re one of those clients, you would probably be involved in the MeMesBot. It’s the best robot to connect with the Discord group those quality “dank” memes. If that still doesn’t bug you, memes of low caliber can even be circulated.

This meme bot will have several of the most popular memes, i.e., adorable kittens, doggo, Pepe the frog, and many other commands to jazz up someone’s chat. You can call MeMezBot to hear a story about your mom, someone’s experience, or share a speech channel of random sounds.

The name of this Discord bot, Game Stats, says everything. You can only use this Bot to establish a gaming alias profile and post all of your stats with buddies. Well, From a wide range of titles, including PUBG, Rust, Rainbow Six: Seige, Paragon, World of Endorses, Xbox Live, and several more, it can also let you see your stats.

The Game Stats commands are a little bit new, so this could take a bit of time to get used to them. You can establish an account by writing “.gs profile” and attach a game account by writing “.gs adds you uplay.” And if you want to verify what is sponsored by this Bot for all charges, type in. gs accounts, and it’s done.

As the programmers themselves put it, the Average Bot is an interestingly called bot that is very powerful and easy to use. It offers you the tools you need, which can be utilized for moderation, where any of them can be soft-ban, strike, block, or on a server advertised. It also offers you various fun attributes and microgames, and even some music that can be accessed through YouTube. It isn’t like anyone should play music on a server. You have total power over the permits, i.e., Director, Mixer, or you can make the music queue or forgo too, though. This will provide you with swoon-worthy cat or dog videos, random jokes, and essential data such as ServerID, ChannelID, and perhaps more.

Though Discord is frequently used for audio chats and discussion before games, TriviaBot can be introduced to the network for endless fun moments. It’s a multiplayer questionnaire game across over Three Thousand questions and Twenty Four types to test your talents. These categories differ from athletics, ecology, and science to film, television, and comics. This is a relatively simple robot with just three commands. To review all these commands, you may enter ‘trivia aid,’ ‘trivia start’ to proceed to play the game, and trivia categories’ to choose the subject for the questions. I have been busy with my friends playing this brain-racking online, but it’s nice to learn anything fresh.

My final suggestion is for squadmates, gamers who play games like DOTA 2, PUBG, or even World of Warcraft. The GuildedBot may be invited to Discord to help a team hire new players, enhance skills and work together to accomplish the assignment. You can manage all your squad’s activities through Guilded’s dashboard that is synchronized and accessible through the Discord bot on your device. You will use this Discord bot with advanced recruitment, preparation, and conversation tools to post updates and further develop the server squad. CS: GO, Overwatch, Wow, GuildedBot assists league of Legends, Dota 2, PUBG, Destiny, Mine Craft, Call of Duty, FFXIV, Heroes of the Storm, and more.

Here Another good piece of Discord is the Fredbot. Even though most of several other bots mentioned above are the jack of all trades, this one has a unique function, and the intention is to play songs. FredBaot can play YouTube music, Sound cloud, Band camp, direct connections, Twitch, and more. Free boat supports playlists, making it possible to create a playlist without interruption and let the songs play.

A further useful element of Fredboat is its search features. This implies that you will be capable of searching for the tracks’ titles quickly you would like to know, and for Fredbot, you can find them. Five possible solutions will be offered to you, and then you can choose the one you wish to play. You should launch this Bot if you’d like to let the music stream on your computer.

A language barrier does not obstruct the gaming culture. In creating a society where we can all chill out in a nation filled with battle royale games where we compete against gamers from other countries, language can be a significant hurdle. 

If you’re facing that issue, then the Discord Translator bot is just for you. The Bot enables users to input messages in their language and then automatically translate them into the language they want.

In fact, with a simple command, you can tell the Bot to convert your message into various languages instantly. And it all happens suddenly, which is just fine. If on your Discord folder there are several individuals from multiple cultures, you should launch this Bot.

Want to put your server an excellent RPG game? Oh, go no further than Dungeons Discord. The Bot helps you to add to your discord server your Role-playing Adventure. As when the game operates on Discord, you can play it in your search engine, web apps, and Discord Mobile applications. You can also exchange it with your mates, whereas the Discord Dungeons are designed for a single player.

Discord Dungeons helps you to compete towards and exchange with your neighboring server members and acquaintances while playing with friends and other Discord members. This Bot allows you access to dozens of hours of gaming with daily updates, so you’re never bored. That’s something new so far as the Discord bots go, and you can try it out.

Are you searching for the right and efficient Discord Bot? If so, then you’ve got to check out Miki. As far as specifications go, Miki is second to none. It provides greater control of your server with Discord. So, In the form of position rewards, you can monitor the server, give bonuses to participants, and build level-based roles to promote constructive competitiveness and thus more. Miki also offers many tools for moderation that help you wipe up chats and delete troubled users.

Another of Miki’s best functionality is probably to be the leader board structure. Relying on messages received, being active and receiving regular prizes, and more, participants earn experience points. Well, In a blackjack game, Miki encourages members to bet with their achievement rewards to enjoy and gain new abilities for fun. Miki is a fantastic Discord Bot for almost all of you and your partners.

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Final Thought:

If you have a community, you don’t need to float through the servers to keep the party up. Some of the most popular bots are the above mentioned bots, but every function has a bot. So let us know in the following comments, if you think that we have overlooked other fantastic Discord bots.

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