Procreate Alternatives For Windows and Mac Users

If you are a designer, you must be aware of Procreate and its usefulness. It has many features and tools to explore and choose from, and actually, there are just too many. Thus, the next question is, what is the problem? The problem is, Procreate doesn’t offer a free version at all. So, you cannot proceed with it without purchasing it.

Suppose you are a beginner, it doesn’t make any sense to purchase a software you don’t even know to handle, and hence, it is better to learn than to be clueless. On that note, Allnetarticles has brought about the best Procreate Alternatives for Windows, giving you other available options to try your hands on. So, without any further delay, let’s dive right into it.

Best Procreate Alternatives For Windows and Mac

Here are some Best Procreate Alternatives for not just Windows, But Also Mac Users.



If you are into old fashioned and aesthetic stuff, then this one is for you. Be it watercolour paintings or other forms of art, and this application has a lot to offer you on the versatility front.

Keeping it simple and natural, that’s how ArtRage functions. Like in physical paintings, you can perform shading and mix up colours to form shades and patterns on your digital art. Furthermore, this app provides you with tools that measure your painting’s wetness.

Corel Painter


You ask, and it’s here—brushes, pencils, pens, erasers, hundreds of effects and so much more to explore from. Also, there are a bunch of painting brushes, textures, and colours to choose from. Furthermore, it also has watercolours and oil paints which sums up everything one can offer on a plate. The interface is easy to use and wholly customizable.

Autodesk Sketchbook


Looking for the best Procreate alternatives for Windows? Try Autodesk Sketchbook. Trust me when we say this, it is a pretty good match in all terms. This tool has existed for quite a long time now and is very compatible because of its smooth flowing user interface and various instruments. This AutoCAD includes a platform which supports pens.

It offers an assortment of boundless brushes, inclinations, exact representations, thus considerably more. Along with this, the programming is just right for both beginners and experts. Autodesk Sketchbook is profoundly customizable, which gives clients the freedom to twist it how they need.

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Adobe Illustrator


The best vector and graphic designing software and the best Procreate alternatives for Windows are hands down, Adobe Illustrator. This is the most well known and most used software in the designing arena. It has an impressive collection of colours and gradients and some designing tools, typographies, and other advanced tools and features up on its sleeves.

Suppose you are a beginner, you ought to be lost as there are so many features, and hence, it takes time to understand and comprehend each tool’s functionality. This is the highest-priced tool amongst all the other mentioned software, but it is worth the cost for sure.



One of the bestest parts about this application is that it is free to download. The tool comes with its definition of unique, which makes it worth the mention in this post. The application is already loaded with enough and hence, spares us the horror of additional buying and creating holes in our already squinty lives.

Talking about its base features offers OpenGL canvas which provides many options to browse from brushes, tools, and many more things to explore. Furthermore, the application allows you to create customized shapes and sizes based on your requirements.

Microsoft Paint 3D


we have Microsoft Paint 3D right here. This is the essential painting software that everyone is aware of. This software already comes pre-installed with Windows 10 and has many useful drawing tools to create from.

You can roll in simple illustrations and designs pretty well. Most importantly, this software is the best space to learn and get your hands comfortable if you are a beginner. Yes, it doesn’t have everything you need, but its damn good for some basic browsing.

Tayasui Sketches


If you wish to go simple with designs, sketches, small-sized doodles, or even illustrations for that matter Tayasui is one of the best Procreate alternatives you should get your hands on. So, in short, this is a painting software, and you can get some excellent stuff out of this software.

Right from brushes, paints, erasers, and every other painting essential, you have everything you need up here. It has a simple layout, but it stands apart from the crowd due to its uniqueness. The free version does justice; however, if you are an advanced player in this arena, you should opt for the pro version for sure.

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MediBang Paint


Yes, MediBang comes free of cost and is widely used by professionals as well. Right from painters, graphic designers, illustrators, and anyone who comes to your mind in this list fragment, consider them all to be using this software.

The best part about this software is that you can save your progress to continue right from wherever you left off whenever you open up. Other than this, even this software contains every tool to get your art project going. With this software, you can create excellent and high-quality projects, creatives, and other designs.

Paint Tool SAI


You might already be aware of Paint Tool SAI as it is known for its unique set of features It comes up with. With its digitalized interface and absolute freedom to customize, the software is a good pick for all the designers. This software comes in with all the options one needs right from brushes to gradient textures, Paint Tool has got you covered.



They say, if you know Concepts, you won’t need any software. It’s true because it has everything you need under one roof. Packed with an exquisite number of tools and features, you will not even need to peek your head out to look for anything.

You can start with your creatives right from scratch with the help of the wide variety of tools it has got to offer you. The best part about Concepts is the graphical engines that make your art come alive and hence, Concepts is one of the best Procreate alternatives for Windows, and you should get your hands on it this interests you.

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Final Words:

That’s all for today. We hope you found this post most useful and will choose the best Procreate alternatives for Windows from the options given above. We dived in deep to get our research right so that we could help you save your time and energy without really compromising on quality.

Allnetarticles is always one step ahead to give you the solution you need On that note, stay tuned on Allnetarticles, your one-stop destination for all tech updates and news.

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