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Best screen recording app for android – TheOneSpy

Nearly 70% of people use Android phones, which are not only an easy way to communicate but also an important means of accessing the Internet. But where something benefits the most, there is a loss too. As kids are getting indulge in watching harmful content, which affects their mental and physical health as well. Beside that teens become involved in harmful activities like bullying, cybercrimes or become the victim of cyber harassment and such dangerous incidents. So, parents want to protect their kids from danger before it takes away their children’s lives. Employers want to prevent their employer from doing other activities on mobile during working hours, which affects their productivity. Individual also want to record their searched files, videos and to record any specific activity.

These solutions are provided by Spy Technology in the form of modern apps like TheOneSpy screen recording app. It enables the user to secretly record the screen of the targeted phone. Let’s learn more about how this works for us.

TheOneSpy Screen Recorder

TheOneSpy spy app android is the most reliable and efficient software that offers multiple applications. It is advanced featured spy software which performs dynamic outstanding functions. Screen recorder is one of the powerful featured base apps which enables the user to record all activities going on targeted mobile. This screen recorder app has multiple features that perform different functions in stealth homes.

Parents can get to know their kid’s interests, watching content and friends chatting, etc. If kids are doing any inappropriate activity, parents can protect them before they harm their kids. Similarly, the employer can track employee activities like if an employee is leaking company secret data by mail or by messages, or if an employee is playing a game, using Facebook or doing any other useless activities during working hours, so an organization can take action against it with proof.

Here we will discuss TheOneSpy different screen recorders that perform different functions to facilitate the user.

  • Camera Screen Recorder

A camera screen recorder empowers the user to record all activities performed through a targeted phone camera. This potential feature enables you to record;

  • Captured photos on the targeted phone.
  • Videos made by the targeted person
  • Activities by controlling both front and back cameras.
  • Chrome Screen Recorder

It empowers the user to know all browsing activities. User can access to targeted phone browser to record;

  • Back to back short videos.
  • Visited sites
  • Bookmarked links
  • The most searchable site to know the targeted person interest.
  • SMS Screen Recorder

SMS screen recorder lets you record all text related activities on the targeted device. This tool enables the user to record;

  • All sent and received messages on the targeted phone.
  • Chat duration with date and time.
  • Deleted chats or any message.
  • G-mail Screen Recorder

This special Gmail screen recorder enables the user to record all activities of Gmail by the targeted person. It allows a user to record back to back short videos.

User can record;

  • All sent emails from the targeted device.
  • All received mail on the targeted device.
  • All mails with time and date.
  • Snapchat Screen Recorder

Snapchat screen recorder enables the user to record;

  • All conversations on Snapchat.
  • Status/ stories of the targeted person
  • All shared multimedia files
  • WhatsApp Screen Recorder

It allows the user to discover all activities on the targeted phone WhatsApp. WhatsApp screen recorder empowers the user to record;

  • Short videos sent and received messages on WhatsApp.
  • Audio and video calls
  • Blocked numbers.
  • All multimedia files

Beside all these recorders, TOS screen recorder also provides special features for performing special functions. These features are as following;

  • IMO Screen Recorder
  • YouTube Screen Recorder
  • Facebook Screen Recorder
  • Kik Screen Recorder
  • Zalo Screen Recorder
  • Twitter Screen Recorder
  • Telegram Screen Recorder
  • WeChat Screen Recorder
  • Skype Screen Recorder
  • Tumble Screen Recorder


TOS screen recorder is compatible with all Android versions and models like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc.


Finally, it turns out that a TheOneSpy facilitates a user with its broad featured screen recording app and their multiple functions. User can record all screen activities of the targeted phone with 100% reliability and secretly. In the coming years, it will bring more features to facilitate users.

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