Best Teamviewer Alternative An Open Source Windows 10

Staying able to control your computer without physically being present near is cool. As well it shows to be useful as well when you need to access your files on your home PC or you want to help your friend in troubleshooting its issues remotely. Suppose you are familiar with taking a remote connection, then you must know about TeamViewer.

The TeamViewer is a tool that efficiently helps you to connect to a remote desktop. Though your primary concern is security, plus you don’t know how to configure the security settings properly, Next try using an Alternative to TeamViewer.

The Best TeamViewer Alternatives In 2020

Whether you are looking for a remote desktop Alternative, we have listed some of the best TeamViewer Alternatives.

  1. AnyDesk
  2. SupRemo
  3. RealVNC
  4. RemotePC
  5. Ultra VNC
  7. Remote Utilities
  8. Chrome Remote Desktop


Whether you need a faster remote session, you should go for AnyDesk. So, AnyDesk is the best Alternative to TeamViewer that doesn’t need to get installed to work. This will be working with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP Linux, and macOS. You can now transfer files by copying them to the clipboard and pasting them to the remote computer. 


The SupRemo is another beautiful option to connect to a device remotely if you are looking for an alternative to TeamViewer. This software is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Let’s look at the features of SupRemo:


RealVNC is one of the safest TeamViewer alternatives as it offers a secure and dependable connection. This software is available for cross platforms. Anyhow, Let’s take a look at the features of RealVNC:


The RemotePC is a remote control software that is a TeamViewer alternative that helps you control a PC remotely. This is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Anyways Let’s take a look at these features of RemotePC:

Ultra VNC

UltraVNC is powerful yet manageable to use remote control software like another best Teamviewer alternatives. This software can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. Here, Let’s look at the features of UltraVNC:

Although another best TeamViewer alternative is a product by LogMeIn, this software supports Windows and macOS. So, Let’s talk about the features of

Remote Utilities

The Remote Utilities is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives to connect your computer to a remote computer with ease. This is a cross-platform software. Now take a look at these features of Remote Utilities:

Chrome Remote Desktop

This Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the great free TeamViewer Alternatives, which works as an extension once paired with the Chrome browser. This installs quickly and provides spontaneous support.

Also, Check :

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Final Words :

After our list of the best TeamViewer alternatives, you can use it anywhere. Because you can check, I have tried to include alternatives that should fit most of the users’ requirements out there. 

Now, Do let us know which one is a favorite remote desktop App by writing in the comments section. Even though if you already found an alternative that works well for you, share its name in the comment section too.

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