Bringing Instagram Marketing to your Email Directives for Boosting your Brand

Social media marketing needs the right components at the right time. Brands need to ensure a strategic pairing. Social sharing thrives on numerous content initiatives. When you think that the main component to pivot your marketing is valuing your followers on their favorite channel, you have brands that perpetually look for ways to gain more followers.

Considering the upsurge of Instagram in today’s market, business pundits forecast that more and more firms will take to the platform by 2021. There are more than 206 billion emails infiltrating your inboxes regularly.

  • Obtaining one click implies a lot of things for brand. Smart and alert marketers are incorporating new email and social marketing strategies, blending them with their customer-driven approach and omnichannel support.
  • Studies show that Instagram produces 60 times more engagement per user than FB. You’ll come across numerous emails that have button links to various social media pages. These could be groups or individual entities.
  •  It’s more effective to incorporate a live feed. Brands can make a few tweaks on their HTML code along with little customization.

Leave the rest to your IT folks to complete the engagement boosting task. Your emails should have the power to visually stimulate and drive traffic to your account/list.

Understanding Email Engagement

Email marketing’s engagement defines the level or extent to which your subscribers spend their time with your email messages or pay attention to them. Click-through mails are an indicator of engagement. Forwarding or social sharing of a message also falls under the same category.

  • Brands need to consider a few metrics like read rate, click-through rate, and forwards and social sharing. You need to remember that not every activity exemplify engagement. If you open an email and delete it soon after, it doesn’t make you an engaged client/subscriber.
  • A lot of brands are using Instagram content in their email newsletters. Generally, social images are a fantastic thing. Instagram has some of the best things up its sleeve. It’s interesting to know that 81% of emails entail social icon, but 14% carry social images.
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Beauty and fashion brands are showing how to feature IG images in your emails. Hashtag engagement is the surest way. Spread your message to your customers, encouraging them to flaunt your product. Ask them to tag that photo or video clip with the hashtag you’ve put out.

More and more brands are conducting photo challenge/contest. The operations are akin to a hashtag campaign, but it has a time limit and prize.

Power of Instagram

For brands planning to use the most engaging social media platform to gain subscribers, you need to bring out your followers’ competitive nature. Most of us have a knack for competition. When there’s an opportunity to win a reward, we don’t think twice before jumping onto the turf. Instagram happens to be the perfect venue to organize a competition.

  • Brands need to use more user-generated content or UGC for involving and engaging their followers with their content.
  • It’s not those special tools that enable users to view Instagram stories without them knowing, but here you’re letting your audience what’s on your mind. It includes posts you follow, Stories you see, content you post, and the stories you share.
  • Sharing reviews, videos, and pictures of followers is a great way to increase engagement because it acts as a robust digital version of verbal marketing. Studies show that posts featuring UGC have a 5% higher rate of conversion than posts without UGC.

Creating a designated or branded hashtag and propelling your followers to add their stories and photos with the hashtag is the simplest way to do it. The next step is to an UGC you’ve obtained through IG ads for building your email list.

  • Ads that feature UGC have a four times higher click-through frequency than the rest. Brands can get the chance to direct their subscribers to their sign-up page.
  • Incorporating calls-to-action is also crucial. Use CTA in your IG bio for guiding your audience towards a prize/freebie.

More on the incorporation

Brands are now providing seamless customer support through email. The majority of users stick to communicating with companies in-app via direct messages and comments. Brands are also promoting their newsletters on Instagram, which you’ve already read above.

  • Since IG posts have a character limit, it might be an uphill task for brands to compress the information and cram into one caption.
  • However, most users can click on the link you provide in your bio. You ask them to sign up for your newsletter.
  • They can get more information about your brand. The mechanism is really simple. When people click on the concerned link, they automatically subscribe your newsletter.
  • You can also invite followers to take part in loyalty parties. Regardless of the size of your business, it’s crucial to find creative ways of retaining your current customers and tapping new ones.
  • Loyalty programs can help a lot to make your buyers feel special. If your consumers feel that the brand, they are purchasing from actually values their association, they develop a sense of loyalty and trust in you. You can use this opportunity to thank them for choosing you over other brands.
  • The swipe up feature in Instagram is just undeniable. Use it for the landing page. It gives brands of all sizes and scales the bandwidth to drive followers to their website and amplify sales.
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The Best Tools

Tools like Modash help in finding influencers on the basis of your target audience. Brands can create lists and obtain loads of crucial follower data. You can also find IG email addresses.

It’s easy to build and export email lists. This is also an effective method to extract data for certain influencers. It works for the majority of Instagram profiles. However, they are most suitable for exporting contracts of influencers.

Phantom Buster is a customizable IG email finder. It’s actually hacking tool, featuring simple APIs for social media sites. To find emails related to Instagram, you can check them out IG scrapers.

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