Instagram and its Impact on Mental Health

Properly used, Instagram can be a fun social network that connects us with other people and allows us to express ourselves. But if we delve a little, it is not difficult to check its other side: a catalog of idyllic images, dream lives, perfect bodies and an imposed…

Are Fish Oil Capsules Your Friend Or Foe ?

Fish oil as well as fish have been a part of diet and cuisine for centuries in different traditions, especially seafaring cultures. Fish oil contains two healthy and essential fats EPA and DHA. These fats are necessary for the important function of the brain and maintaining…

How Stress Affects Your Health

We often hear how stress is not good for our mental health but it can also affect our emotional and physical health too. Stress, although not always apparent, makes us feel internally turbulent, leading to stomach aches, headaches and even causing us to lose our appetite.

Top 10 Best Fitbit For Men in 2020

The best fitbit for men is a way of life. The more active you are, the much stronger you will be. And your ultimate self will thank you for that. So, in case you are a physical fitness lover or if you are looking for the perfect present for a man who likes staying fit, then…

What Are the Best Techniques To Enhance Your Appetite?

Loss of appetite happens when you have no desire to eat even you haven’t had your meal for quite a time. Loss of appetite can lead you to the malnourished body which can cause weight loss and other problems. Not having the desire to eat anything can be very frustrating and…

5 Common Health Problems Eye Exams Can Detect

There are many misconceptions associated with eye exams. Many amongst us believe that eye exams are necessary only if you are experiencing problems in your vision. Comprehensive eye exams, in fact, should be a part of your routine medical investigations. Similar to how you…