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eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Guidelines

eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Guidelines

If your eCommerce website conversion rate is poor, then you have to analyze the reasons behind this cause. A good eCommerce website not only attracts visitors but also converts them into customers who show interest in purchasing your products. However, many techniques have been proven scientifically that results in better conversions. Ultimately, this makes you design your eCommerce website to reach out to your targeted audiences. Your goal is to provide them what they need with a user-friendly interface that helps them find the products they like and purchase them without any difficulty. This logic boosts its profitability.

This article explains some conversion rate optimization guidelines that assist you in creating a conversion-friendly eCommerce site.

  1.    Understand Your Target Audience 

Initially, you have to understand who is the target audience and the emotions that force them to purchase a product. Understanding your target audience acts as a success factor for your online business. Attractive images and information about the products change their decision.

  1.    Make Navigation Clear and Simple

A simple, clear, and easily understandable navigation help shoppers effortlessly reach their concerned product and move smoothly on the site. Clear navigation helps them to browse your other products conveniently.

  1.    Add High-Resolution Images

Adding product images to your website is the best method to showcase your products as it attracts visitors. You can add high-quality videos displaying the use cases of your products. If you don’t do this, you might lose your targeted customers.

  1.    Provide Detailed and Engaging info about Product

The great conversion trigger provides detailed and engaging information about your product. The product copy must be engaged and interested.

  1.   CTA Images

In addition to Call-to-Action buttons, you need must be impressive and quality call-to-action visuals. These visuals must change customers’ mindsets that make them buy your products.

  1.    Provide Discounts, Offers, and Coupons

These options are already proven tested by many marketing business owners. Customers love such kinds of offers, and discounts when they are not expecting them. These coupons and offers influence customer’s mindset to purchase.

Furthermore, you can offer seasonal discounts or discounts for festivals, anniversaries, and birthdays. This will grab the attention of visitors and improve the conversion rate.

Additionally, you can organize contests or attractive offers that need user participation in purchasing a minimum range of products to get a chance to win some reward points or products.

  1.    Use social proof

The major concern of the users is whether the product displayed on the website will be the same on delivery or there is any discrepancy. Being an eCommerce business, it is your responsibility to ensure that you’re delivering authentic products to the consumers. Trustworthiness and authenticity are the two big aspects that visitors take into account while buying products.

This in turn will increase your brand image in the eCommerce sector with social proof, and drive conversions by building consumer loyalty.

  1.  Display Contact Information

You can include contact information on your eCommerce website to make it conversion-friendly. This information is very important to gather the trustiness of visitors while shopping online.

  1.  Multiple and Secured Payment Options 

Security is a big concern of the users since the introduction of the internet. As your product’s authenticity affects the loyalty of the customer, you should think about what they feel when entering their banking info on your website.

Assure them by providing cash on delivery, and other payment options.

Simultaneously, install SSL, have a virus and hacking protection software to make your customers trust you.

  1. Optimize Website for Mobile Devices 

According to research, 80% of mobile users have made online shopping in the last 8 months. As per studies, a poor mobile experience reduces the chance of 65% of a visitor turns into a customer. So, it is very important to optimize your website to work smoothly with mobile devices to keep yourself active in the industry.

  1. Add Help or FAQ section

Add FAQ section on your eCommerce platform so that users can go through it in case of any issues.

  1. Add live chat and Chatbots 

In case, customers can’t find answers in the FAQ section, you need an alternate option like Chatbot or Live chat.

A chatbot is a perfect choice for your business when your support team were not online. This chatbot has different use cases from checking products in stock to tracking order confirmation status and so on.

According to research, 62% of customers who used live chat on an eCommerce platform are likely to buy a product.

  1. Increase Your website speed

Website speed and page speed affect eCommerce conversion rates. If your website is slow, customers won’t wait for it to load and move to another site. So, it’s necessary to fix issues like large-sized images, problems with your CMS, or a heavy load of HTTPS requests.

Additionally, you can follow the below-mentioned suggestions for your checkout item content:

  1. Add bullet points and ordered lists

Customers will quickly notice important points if you add bullet points and ordered lists. It is the best strategy to improve the user experience. Simultaneously, such content ranks for SEO as you provide sufficient necessary information.

  1. Use strong and instructional words

Use power words in your product copy or descriptions or display ads or marketing text to attract your consumers.

The following words motivate consumers to buy products:

  1. Sale
  2. Instantly
  3. Tips
  4. Free
  5. Off
  6. Thank You
  7. Remember

Don’t overuse these terms, use them when it’s necessary.

  1. Provide the “Add to Cart” option

 Provide customers “Add to Cart” option to add their interested items before they proceed to buy.

  1. Provide customer product reviews

 Highlight product reviews for the products you sell. Customers look at product reviews from other customers and trust them than your marketing materials.

  1. Cross-check spelling and grammar

 You should always cross-check the content for spelling and grammar mistakes. If customers find such errors, they will lose trust in your eCommerce platform.

Furthermore, convince your consumers to convert by creating a sense of urgency. Use seasons promotions or hurry-up limited offers to motivate them to buy quickly.


These are the important elements you should consider to improve eCommerce conversion rates. Hope this guide helps you increase revenue and conversions.

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