Edgy Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts for Women

If you are looking for a unique hairstyle, you have to go against some rules. Although traditional hairstyles look nice, they do not bring out the best of you. An asymmetrical bob style can add a look to the shape of your face.

Making one side longer than the other makes the chic look modern and cool. If you are a stylish girl who likes to stand out from the rest, these are the right hairstyles for you. Asymmetrical bob styles are easy to achieve and maintain, and they are suitable for any face shape.

One way of making your asymmetrical bob hairstyle stand out is by combining it with a pixie cut. Ask your barber to give you an uneven cut to achieve that asymmetrical look. Ensure you add layers to the longer side so that you do not feel the heaviness. It lightens it up.

This style will not require you to cut your hair to different lengths. According to LoveHairStyles,to achieve this style, you can add stylish angled bangs. However, when you feel that this is not the style for you and want to change to something different, you have to be patient enough and wait for the bangs to grow.

If you feel good in an asymmetrical bob, you can highlight your hairstyle by adding bangs to it. The hairstyle features a horizontal shape and a front fringe that makes a difference between the sides of your hair. However, to keep your hairstyle looking great, you would need to keep continuous maintenance of your hair.

Most people do not go for long asymmetrical hair like the short ones. However, you can be different and try the hairstyle, even if you have long hair. It is easy to achieve. You can do it yourself or ask your barber to chop your hair on one side. It is as simple as that and you achieve your long asymmetrical bob hairstyle.

If you are looking for a visible difference in length, you can never go wrong with combining the long asymmetrical hairstyle with an undercut. Your barber will give you a cut on one side of your hair and leave the other sidelong. This look does not go unnoticed.

This hairstyle resembles the long asymmetrical bob undercut, but this time the longer side will be shorter. Your stylist will give you an undercut and leave the longer side of the hair a bit short. This gives you a feminine look.

An advantage of wearing asymmetrical haircuts is that you can choose the cut that suits your style best. If you like to be different and subtle, you can select this style to give you the least difference in length. If you are a bold type of person, make a huge difference in the hair’s length and mix it with asymmetrical bangs.

If you are looking forward to recreating your youthful appearance, you will never go wrong with an asymmetrical layered bob. Use sea salt spray to enhance the style’s look and texture. You will never regret going for this hairstyle.

If your hair is smooth and kink-free, try doing an asymmetrical bob style. It will be a great way of adding interest to your straight hair and making it more beautiful. Besides, you can rock it for quite a long time without thinking of changing it. It is a maintenance-free haircut.

Have you tried a bob on your short asymmetrical hair? You can spice up the hairstyle by including a side cut to make one side end at the chin and the other end below your ears. Ensure the back length transitions equally from one length to another.

The asymmetrical hairstyles are not only limited to straight hair. If your hair is curly, try having one side with longer edges than the other. However, getting an unbalanced hairstyle on curly hair can be a bit challenging. Ensure your stylist does it for you.

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