Fixed Loading Error of The DC-WFF.DLL File

You might be seeing the loading error of the DC-WFF.DLL folder if it is not accurately registered in the Windows location. Furthermore, corrupt downloading of incompatible applications may also produce the issue at hand. The operator faces the asymmetrical “Something wrong when loading the dc_wff.dll” fault after booting his organization and on every next restart of the system (mainly reported after a Window update). Before going on, checked if briefly disabling the antivirus of your organization resolves the DLL issue (certain users stated that the problem was produced by Avira antivirus). But to be very cautious as restricting the antivirus of your system may depict your data/system to intimidations.

Re-register the DC-WFF.DLL File

You may face the DC-WFF.DLL file loading error if the folder is not correctly registered in the Windows situation. In this situation, re-registering the DC-WFF.DLL file may resolve the issue.

  • Firstly, Press the Windows key and type Command Apt
  • Then click on the right side of the result of the Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator
  • Now perform the following (to unregister the files): regsvr32 /u dc_wff.dll
  • After this, Then implement the following (to record or register the file): regsvr32 /I dc_wff.dll
  • Now, press the exit option to exit the Command Prompt and restart your computer.
  • Upon restart, check if the DC-WFF.DLL problem is solved

Clean Boot Your System:

You may face the problem at hand if any of the connected applications on your organization is delaying the startup items of your computer. To find out the problematical application, clean restart your computer. Once originate, either inactivate the application or eliminate it.

  • Reboot your computer PC and check if the problem is resolved.
  • If so, then allow the restricted applications/processes one by one till the challenging one is found. Once start, then either inactivate it at the PC’s startup or delete the app producing the issue.
  • You can also discover the app by right-clicking on the procedure in the Task Manager.
  • Then, select Open File Location
  •  Once the problematical one is started, either modernize it or reinstall it
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U can also end up the work in the Task Manager and deactivate it in the PC’s startup sets. If the issue continues, then attempt if using the Autoruns and removing the problematical accesses to resolve the problem.

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Reinstall the TP-Link Application and its Driver

Several users stated that they faced the problem at hand due to the unethical installation of the TP-Link app or its driver. In this situation, reinstalling the TP-Link App and its driver may resolve the issue.

  • Firstly, click on the right side of the Windows button and open the Quick Access menu, open Apps & Features.
  • Now, enlarge TP-Link Wireless Formation Utility and press on Uninstall.
  • Then authorize to Uninstall and follow the prompts to uninstall the TP-Link app.
  • Now restart your computer and upon restart, check if the DC-WFF.DLL problem is determined. If so, then checked if transferring and reinstalling the app does not carry back the DLL problem (the WPS features might not be working).
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