How to Find the Best Wholesale Suppliers For Your Small Business

It can be hard to find a wholesale supplier that will offer a reasonable price for what you need, especially as a small business.

More often than not, the best way to find suppliers is to communicate through word of mouth, client portfolios, review sites, trade shows, and customs databases. But you can’t find the perfect supplier without understanding your own needs.

Here are some top tips for finding the right wholesale vendors for your business.

Quantity vs. Quality

Committing to a budget and realistic expectations are essential in getting the best value for money, which doesn’t always mean buying more.

It can be equally as damaging to hold too much stock, especially if your product has an expiry date.

Therefore, it would be sensible to think about how much you need, set a cost per unit that fits your business model, and stick to it. That way, your quality will increase, and you’ll be able to offer at a higher price.

Think About the Long Game

More often than not, you’ll be better investing in building long-term supplier relationships to make sure you get the best prices as you expand, but also in case your product requirements change.

For example, you may run a residential electrical business, but if you foresee expanding into full home renovations, building a relationship with a company that supplies stock for a range of industries will be more beneficial to you.

It can cost more at first as you buy in smaller quantities, but if you can build a long-term relationship, the investment will be profitable in the future.

Wholesale Suppliers for Specific Needs

For those individual niche items, you need regularly, you will be best approaching wholesalers who can offer these products for the lowest price due to the high levels of stock they can obtain.

Websites such as not only deal with retail trade but wholesale supplies too. Sometimes this can be advantageous, as this is their specialty, so you know you are buying quality at a reasonable price.

Time and Payments

You will need to know how long it takes to deliver the stock to your small business and how you will be paying the supplier. Most wholesalers allow for different payment types but don’t get caught out by choosing the wrong option.

Pay close attention to customs laws for both your country and your wholesaler’s. A good wholesaler will consult with you on all of the above make sure the trade is worth your time and money.

Balancing Act

It’s essential to build more than one wholesaler supplier relationship as well.

The easiest way to do this is by combining the areas discussed above. That way should a relationship with a supplier fall through for whatever reason, there will be another wholesaler on hand to support your business in times of need.

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