How to Write an Amazon Plan of Action?

Congratulations! We hope that you had a great sales figure in 2019 and are selling your products well through your amazon seller account even in 2020. We are so happy for your success. It is also advisable to prepare yourself for the worst scenario and one such awful situation can be the Amazon seller account suspension. For any seller, account suspension leads to a great risk of loss of income and reputation, this does not end here as it leads to many stressful experiences to relive the account. 

What now?

Don’t worry, we are here to help you by guiding you here on how to protect your Amazon seller account and how to reinstate your account including what to count in the plan of action and what to exclude. The harsh reality of this giant marketplace is that every day hundreds of honest accounts get suspended by Amazon. 

There are three stages by which Amazon suspends the third party account. Let’s have a look at these stages: 

  • Suspension: Suspension offers you chances to appeal to Amazon to relive your account.
  • Banned: It is worst of all because if you failed to appeal the account at the first attempt, then Amazon will no longer be able to read your appeals as your account gets banned.
  • Denied: Once your appeal is denied, the denied mode allows you to appeal again with the revised plan of action. 

What are the reasons for the account suspension?

Amazon cares a lot about its customers and that is why it has got very strict seller policies to serve the customers only best. But if your account gets suspended, make sure you do not practice the following things. Here are the main reasons because of which your Amazon account gets suspended:

  • The violation of policies leads to suspension as Amazon has strict seller’s policies;
  • Selling restricted products including counterfeit products. Amazon is against the practice of selling imitated products with cheap quality;
  • Amazon is known for credibility and trust among its customers and that is why it focuses on providing the best to its customers. If you are not performing well then chances of suspension get high as Amazon wants to keep the marketplace very competitive for its customers;
  • Amazon is very strict against those who opt for evil selling tactics and manipulate customers to buy substandard products. 
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Those whose accounts suspend, Amazon notify them through performance notifications within seller central. Along with the notification you will be given the list of ASINs that Amazon believes have violated its policies. So before taking any, it is very necessary to figure out the exact reason for the suspension of your Amazon account.  

How to appeal against account suspension?

Even after your best efforts if Amazon suspends your account. First of all don’t panic, take a thorough investigation across the whole account, paying attention to any ASINs with any previous policy warnings.  

To understand the reason for suspension, you must read carefully the rules to identify the violation that has led to the suspension. There are several other reasons for the suspension of your account, in your appeal identify the reason for suspension, but before that read the following to recover your account:

  • Tell Amazon that you are dedicated to providing great customer services and how happy you are by selling products on their website;
  • Make sure not to criticize Amazon quality process;
  • Take responsibility for the harm done to customers. 

To increase your chances of a successful appeal, it would be advisable to plan your action very carefully and assure them it won’t happen again. The amazon plan of action should be strategic and well planned.

Tips for creating a great plan of action 

  • Try to keep it simple without cooking any story and try to put the limelight on policies instead of performance metrics.
  • Make sure not to include unnecessary information about the account review, your focus should be a very niche that can fix your problem.
  • Keep your mouth close as you are not advised to not to comment on their processes, their team inefficiency or anything unprofessional. 
  • Instead of big paragraphs, provide details in bullet points or numbers to give a clear presentation of your problem.
  • Keep the introductory paragraph very short to make them understand the process in a very precise manner. 
  • Make sure to cover all elements that have addressed the reason for the suspension. 
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Here are some quick tips to prevent suspension of your Amazon seller account

Stay regular

One of the key mantras to stay on the top of the Amazon seller list is by catering extraordinary services to your services. It starts by checking Amazon reports regularly and tries to solve the queries at the earliest to avoid negative feedback from customers. So this way, by keeping your customer happy and satisfied you can always win their heart.

Pay close attention to lost parcels and late delivery

Lost parcels or late delivery can damage your Amazon seller account health, it is advisable to pay attention to each detail. In this case, make sure to apologize to your customers with a valid reason otherwise it would create a negative impression about you. 

Download the app

It is advisable to download the Amazon seller app to quickly respond to messages of your customers. Also close attention to the listing and categorized new in the “new” category while used products in the “used”, this way you are clearing stating information about the products.

Say No to counterfeit goods

If you wish to stay in this market, then you should avoid selling counterfeit goods. One should never risk the reputation of the business to earn money as it only leads to suspension of your Amazon seller account, but also creates a negative impression about your business. 

Private label

It is advisable not to sell generic products under the private label. Even if you are selling it, make sure to inform your customers how your product is different from others.

Switch to FBA

It is advisable to switch to the FBA as this way you can reduce the chances of eCommerce fraud. As we all know that returns and refunds are vital parts of this business, so as a seller you should always take returns and refunds as seriously to improve your customer’s experience. 


Focus on your seller account to avoid the chances of suspension. Keep your account standard high to avoid the suspension of your account. We hope with this blog, you can check whether you are following the tips or not.

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