I Have Built a Tolerance to Marijuana! What Should I Do?

Do you enjoy getting high? Have you found it takes more marijuana for you to feel good? You may have a higher marijuana tolerance than you’d like.

Luckily, your tolerance isn’t set in stone, and you can both increase and decrease it. Then, you can get the effects you want when you smoke or consume cannabis.

Keep reading to learn more about tolerating marijuana.

Can You Build a Tolerance to Marijuana?

When it comes to marijuana or any other drug, you can build up a tolerance, which will reduce your response to that drug. If you used to get high really easily, you may find it takes more marijuana to achieve the same results.

You may have noticed this with something like caffeine if you drink coffee or tea. The more you consume caffeine, the less effective it is, and marijuana is no different.

Marijuana tolerance is real, and it can be annoying for both recreational and medical marijuana users. However, you don’t have to deal with your current or increasing tolerance level.

What Affects Marijuana Tolerance?

Many factors can affect your tolerance to marijuana. A big one is sex because researchers have found that women are more sensitive to cannabis. However, women can build up tolerance more quickly than men. Other things that affect tolerance include:

  • Marijuana potency
  • Consumption frequency
  • Body mass index (BMI)/metabolism

Women may also experience changes in tolerance throughout the menstrual cycle. Around ovulation, women may experience a drop in sensitivity to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

While you can’t control things like your sex or even your BMI, you can control other factors. Then, you can adjust how you take marijuana if you want to change your tolerance.

Why Does Tolerance Matter?

Your marijuana tolerance matters because it can affect how much you need to smoke or consume to get high. Tolerance can be especially important if you use marijuana for pain or another medical condition.

As your tolerance increases, you may need to adjust the dosage to maintain your health. Still, tolerance is important for recreational use.

If you have a hard time getting your hands on marijuana, you may not be able to get enough to get high as much as you want. Then, you may need to find other methods to get enough cannabis.

By lowering your marijuana tolerance, you won’t have to worry as much about getting a large supply of marijuana. But you can still enjoy its effects.

Benefits of Low Tolerance

No matter which strain of marijuana you prefer, you should consider the benefits of low tolerance. Then, you can make sure you don’t overdo it when you smoke or consume edibles.

When you have a lower tolerance, you can get high much more quickly. You won’t have to consume as much to feel high, so you can save money and time.

A low marijuana tolerance can also be good if you don’t have easy access to marijuana. If you live somewhere where cannabis is still illegal or you don’t have a convenient dispensary, you can make your marijuana last longer.

Benefits of a High Tolerance

While a low tolerance to marijuana can be useful, there are a few benefits of having a higher tolerance. It may take more marijuana for you to get high, but you may not experience the same side effects you once did. Not having side effects can be useful if you need to take marijuana for pain or other medical issues.

If you need or want to take marijuana often, having a higher tolerance can also benefit you before work or school. You can take enough marijuana to feel its effects, but you may be better at masking your high when you get to work.

How to Change Your Marijuana Tolerance

Whether you want to raise or lower your marijuana tolerance, you can do so. However, you should take the right steps so that you don’t experience withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability or fatigue.

When raising your tolerance, you also want to be careful to avoid negative side effects. That way, you can get high and enjoy the process.

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Here are a few things you can do when your marijuana tolerance is too high or too low.

Consider Your Reasoning

Think about why you want to change your tolerance level. To do this, you can go over the benefits of both high and lower tolerances to marijuana.

Perhaps you want to save money or you’re moving to an area without easy access to cannabis products. You may want to lower your marijuana tolerance so that you can still get high but without worrying about getting enough marijuana.

On the other hand, maybe you notice that your current tolerance isn’t enough to get rid of your pain or other medical symptoms. In that case, you may decide it’s worth increasing your tolerance.

Either way, focus on why you want to increase or decrease your tolerance. Your reason may be different from a friend’s, and that’s okay.

Determine Your Comfort Level

Fortunately, you can do many things to change your marijuana tolerance. As you start, think about what you’re comfortable trying and what you want to avoid.

If you’re picky, trying new marijuana products may not be the best option. On the other hand, it may be perfect if you’ve also gotten bored of your current way of consuming cannabis.

Whatever you do, don’t force yourself to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. You should enjoy taking marijuana, regardless of your tolerance level. Don’t be afraid to stop doing something if you don’t like it.

Take It Slowly

You should also take things slowly and take as much time as you need to adjust your tolerance. Taking time is especially important if you want to go from a very high tolerance to almost no tolerance at all.

However, taking time can also help if you want to moderately change your tolerance. That way, you can avoid withdrawal or other side effects during the process.

In most cases, you won’t be able to significantly change your tolerance in a day or two. Be patient with yourself and be consistent so that you can reach the tolerance you want.

How to Lower Your Marijuana Tolerance

If you find that your marijuana tolerance is too high, you can do a few more specific things to help. It doesn’t matter what your goals are or how much marijuana you tolerate currently.

You have a few options to consider, so you can choose which one makes the most sense for you. Then, you can still enjoy marijuana without needing a ton of cannabis to feel good.

Give these things a try when you want to lower your tolerance to marijuana.

A Marijuana Tolerance Break

Taking a marijuana tolerance break can be an excellent option to reset your tolerance or at least lower it slightly. The break involves time where you don’t smoke or consume any form of marijuana, and it may not feel good at first.

If you have a higher tolerance, you may feel some withdrawal symptoms for a while. But a tolerance break is relatively easy to do once you get past the initial withdrawal.

Depending on how much you want to lower your tolerance, you may need to take up to a month off from marijuana. However, you may be able to lower your tolerance in as little as two days. Don’t be afraid to take longer if you want to reduce your tolerance.

Take a Different Strain

If you don’t want to give up marijuana but you want to experience lower tolerance, try a new marijuana strain or product. Perhaps you’ve only ever used flower, so you can give concentrates a try.

Then, you can still get high and enjoy marijuana, but you won’t have the same tolerance level. When researching different marijuana strains, consider how you like to consume it so that you can still find an enjoyable product.

You can find tons of strains out there, so there’s plenty to consider. That way, you don’t have to worry about building up a high tolerance to every form of marijuana at once.

Try Micro-Dosing

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Micro-dosing is an excellent option, especially if you take marijuana to help with a medical issue. You can take just enough of the product to get rid of pain or other symptoms, but you won’t get high.

The right dose will depend on you and your needs, so you can start small and build up. Take it in small doses until it relieves your pain but without affecting the rest of you.

Micro-dosing is great if you need to take marijuana but want to lower your tolerance. The next time you want to get high, you may not need as much marijuana to do so.

How to Increase Your Marijuana Tolerance

While wanting to lower your marijuana tolerance may be more common, you can also increase it. Increasing your tolerance can be good if you want to take a new strain or if you’re new to marijuana overall.

It can also help if you lower your tolerance too much during a marijuana tolerance break. Then, you won’t have to wait as long to reach your ideal tolerance level.

Consider these things the next time you find your tolerance level is too low.

Choose One Strain

Experimenting with different marijuana strains can be a great option when taking it alone or with friends. However, you may not build up much tolerance to marijuana if you always change it up.

If you want to fast-track your way to high tolerance, focus on one marijuana strain. You may want to experiment for a while to see which strains you like the best so that you can choose one you know you’ll like.

Use your chosen strain when smoking or making edibles or consuming it in another way. That way, you can build a tolerance to that strain, and you don’t need to use more marijuana than necessary.

Once you find a strain you like, make sure you can access it easily as your tolerance increases so that you can continue to get high. After that, you start building your tolerance to a second strain.

Consume It Often

Another way to build your marijuana tolerance is to increase your consumption frequency. If you normally take marijuana once a month, start taking it each week. Then, move to two or three times a week before finally taking it each day.

If you can’t take it more often, you can also try taking more of it when you do take it. That way, you can tolerate more at a time without having an adverse reaction.

Increasing both the amount and frequency can build your tolerance even more. If you want to be able to take more at a time and take it every day, this is an excellent option.

You can increase your frequency slowly so that you don’t overdo it or end up with a ton of side effects. But you can still eventually enjoy the benefits of a higher tolerance.

Try a Supplement

You can also increase your general marijuana tolerance with a CBD supplement. If you don’t want to smoke or eat edibles all of the time, a supplement can be an excellent alternative.

Supplements come in different varieties, so you can choose one that works for you and your lifestyle. As long as you take the supplement regularly, you may be able to build up a small marijuana tolerance.

Then, you can start smoking or consuming it, and you can continue building your tolerance. And you won’t have to worry about consuming as much marijuana at the start.

Recognizing Your Marijuana Tolerance

Like it or not, marijuana tolerance is a real thing, but you can adjust it if you feel like your tolerance is too high or low. As long as you know the right steps, you can get the benefits of marijuana and experience the effects you want.

Before you do something drastic like take a marijuana tolerance break, consider what you want to tolerate. Then, you can decide how to best approach changing your tolerance while avoiding a negative reaction.

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