Incorporating Banners to Your Store for Business Safety

With businesses reopening, it is vital that business owners are doing all that they can to protect public health, and both their staff and their customers while still encouraging people to come to visit their business. It has been an extremely challenging period for UK businesses in a variety of industries, with many and they will be desperate to get some normality back, but as the pandemic continues, so it is absolutely essential that steps are taken to protect the public health by creating a COVIDovid-secure environment.

Clear Roller Banners

One of the most effective ways to make your business safe for customers is with the use of printed banners from specialists like instantprint. Instantprint recently outlined why clear roll banners are perfect for businesses in a range of industries and how they can help companies to create a COVIDovid-secure environment that still provides a positive experience for customers, highlighting how they offer a quick, affordable, and an easy way to partition areas of the interior.

Create Safe Barriers

These banners can create barriers inside which will help to spread infection ifs anyone carrying coronavirus enters the business. This is because the airborne droplets will not be able to pass through the PVC material, but because they are clear, it does not block sunlight or make the interior feel sectioned off and unwelcoming. This will help both staff and customers to feel safe when inside and they are also easy to wipe transport, and set up so they can be moved around if needed.

Hairdressers & Salons 

These clear roll banners can work in any business but they work very well in hairdressers and beauty salons where you can place them between chairs. This is an industry that has been hit hard and will be desperate to stay open, so these banners can create a COVIDovid-secure environment while still providing a social and relaxed environment which is so important.

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Other Industries 

In addition to hairdressers and beauty salons, these clear roll banners are also proving to be useful in pubs and restaurants. Again, they can be used to create safer barriers between tables without sacrificing the atmosphere. While they can also be useful in gyms, which many people have worried about returning to as they can be tightly-packed with people exercising. Other places where these banners can be effective and promote safe include waiting rooms, schools, religious establishments, and anywhere that people will gather.

Businesses will want to do all that they can to bring people through the door after such a difficult year, but it is vital that safety comes first and that a COVIDovid-secure environment is established. These clear banner rolls are an excellent way to do this and will provide important protection for both customers and staff while still creating a welcoming feel.

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