Increasing Deliverability with a Mail Tester Involved or Without One

An email spam checker’s power plus useful tips: take minimum time to read the review below and find out how to fix what a mail tester is likely to reveal.

Ways to increase deliverability and stay happy after an email spam checker’s analysis

Low deliverability can become a real problem when it comes to carrying out a successful b2b campaign. In fact, deliverability (also known as “delivery rate” and assessed with the help of a mail tester) makes b2b a really working business strategy. Novices to b2b are often confused by what the heck it is that their mail tester tells them about. Thus, one is sure to find about the importance of:

  • using a reliable and powerful email spam checker to quickly find out about deliverability issues;
  • keeping track of reputation as a sender;
  • the personalization of e-letter to prospects;
  • avoiding contacting untrustworthy employees etc.

Combine the power of Folderly’s email spam checker with most effective deliverability improvement practices

It needs to be made clear that no application is able to magically improve one’s deliverability. However, a b2b company aiming at carrying out a successful campaign has to know where to find the best b2b lead generation services. Also, poor deliverability is capable of helping nobody to generate the desired number of business leads. Folderly’s email spam checker is sure to analyze your inboxes in the best way to ensure the best b2b lead generation.

So, what is to be done to always feel happy after having checked inboxes?

  • regular checking one’s reputation with the ISP and ES provider;
  • viewing feedback loops;
  • not getting too attached to e-letter automation and personalizing every email instead.

Keep email sender reputation clean: automation isn’t always good for it 

Much has been and will be said about the importance of keeping one’s sender rep untainted. In short, sender reputation is what kind of user one is to his or her email service provider. High sender reputation indicates you as a real person user, low reputation makes the ESP think you’re a spammer.

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What can make the ESP think you’re a threat? For instance, too much email automation. In its turn, personalizing e-letters helps sender reputation stay alright.

Email testing is necessary to always know one’s current Sender Score. Choosing Folderly for this, be sure that we’ll test each of your email boxes in the profoundest way and advise you on how to fix the issues.

Corresponding with random employees (also due to email automation) can be harmful

One of the main reasons for an email spam checker finding problems with Sender Score is letters having been put in the spam folder. It often happens due to the fact that inexperienced salesmen send emails with a business offer to some random company employees instead of those in charge. This results in this employee rejecting the letter and marking it as spam. So, what is to be done in this case?

In fact everything is simple. Contacting someone from a company’s staff is not a death sentence to a b2b campaign. However, in his e-letter one should ask the recipient for forwarding the email to his boss.

Making b2b email related processes (drip campaigns, email automation etc.) more effective with feedback loop data

It will be extremely useful for everybody to know that there is a way to find out about complaints towards a company’s emails. Moreover, one can learn about annoyed recipients earlier than they negatively affect Sender Score. The technology on the basis of this is called Feedback Complaint Loops. The thing is, the majority of Internet Providers keep track of all aspects of users’ behaviour, including how their letters are accepted by recipients. There’s no difficulties in getting such information as all one has to do for that is this:

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1) access one’s email profile;

2) initiate the authentication process using DKIM;

3) publish an SPF record and all sending IPs;

4) type in one’s Feedback-ID header.

To get satisfying results from email spam checker analysis personalize mail to prospects

“Personalizing emails” may sound easy but the thing is likely to prove challenging. As a b2b expert, Folderly is competent enough to advise on the matter. So, what are the most useful tips here?

1) avoid using generic templates;

2) try to give precise facts and numbers.Thus, the sentence “Your revenue is guaranteed to increase” looks a lot more like spam than something like “Our *product name* has helped our client *company name* increase their ROI by 25%”.

3) hire professionals to personalize emails to clients for you. Folderly is one of the leading experts in the sphere, able to monitor our customers’ campaigns 24/7 and use only 100% effective business approaches.

Difficulties with email campaigns? Business automation have flaws? Ask Folderly how

The more immersive business processes get, the more difficult it is to keep an eye on them. And it’s really important to clear one’s schedule by passing the buck. The Folderly company, a well-known b2b expert, is always there for those who prefer to have everything done professionally. Our customers are guaranteed to enjoy significantly improved deliverability, having their campaigns, all the major key metrics and domain settings monitored and cared about by Folderly’s experts. Each customer is free to have a 7-day trial to assess the quality of our services and get acknowledged with all the benefits of using Folderly’s products there are.

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