Instagram Marketing Hacks to Get Many Likes

Seven though recently Instagram annihilated the display of exact likes, they still matter a lot. Instagram is rapidly developing as a shopping platform, hence gaining likes is still playing a part in the ranking system and promotion. The gaining of Instagram likes is now more subtle, and this strategy is looking less aggressive to users. Even though the competitive aspect of likes is now not in line, it is important to maintain the flow of them to your posts. How to do that sufficiently – read in this article.

Get Inspiration From Others

The positive feature of a huge competition rate on ig is that it is possible to collect ideas from other accounts that occupy your niche. Look through popular profiles that have gained much attention from users and see what kind of content is resonating with the audience. This will help you to develop your tactic and understand what is your direction in growth. It is ok to use someone else’s experience, given you don’t copycat it. Consumers see plagiarism at once and never appreciate it.

Create Contests Using Likes

One of the good methods for not only getting more likes but increasing the level of engagement is running a contest. It works for any industry. The power of such contests is that it is so easy to take part in that a great boost of engagement is guaranteed. You can also add other options that you need, like following or tagging users.

Make sure that you offer a sufficient prize for your contestants, because motivation is highly important. For nonprofits, such contests can be a fine idea for collaboration with a sponsor.

Put Value To Your Posts

Instagram is all about visuals, and we will talk about it later, but captions are useful for your strategy as well. The beautiful picture is what attracts the attention of the viewer, and a caption is what makes them stay and discover more of your account. So, add sense to your pictures. It isn’t necessary to post long-reads all the time, but you should put a good thought in your captions, so your readers can associate with the content and react to it eagerly.

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Post At The Right Time

To gain more likes, you have to increase the visibility of your content. This can be done by posting your content at the period when your target audience is active the most. The proper time for uploading content varies and depends a lot on the type of audience that you want to impact.

So, to define when you should upload your posts, research your audience behavior at first. In addition, remember the first point of this article and discover when your competitors are posting. Try to hit the same period with different types of content and then choose the most popular.

Keep Up With Trends, But Be Picky

Being trendy is a sure way to get more attention from the public on Instagram. Following main trends is a method to break in the Explore page. Yet, you have to examine each trend you try to embrace, and understand if it is suitable for your image. Some trends may be not interesting to your audience and as a result, they would be irritated by your actions.

The best thing to do is to create your trend and spread it among your audience. You can use global tendencies as an inspiration, and come up with something specific for your content.

Make Incredible Visuals

Instagram Marketing Hacks to Get Many Likes

And now the most effective like-generator for your account. Liking nice pictures is an essential action that people make on ig. That was the start of a huge platform and it will remain the most popular thing to do while scrolling the feed. Humans rely on their vision a lot and that is the secret of Instagram head-spinning success. A beautiful image is a hook for the user’s attention and it is a trigger for hitting a heart button practically automatically. As the platform evolved, videos came through, and now this is believed to be the most engaging content to use for growth.

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Invest In Your Gear

To achieve more appreciation from the audience, you have to create high-quality content. Technically too, especially if you aim for shooting more videos. Besides a good camera, you can spend some budget on taking classes for still-life shooting and retouching. Another method is to hire people who can set up your branding and teach you how to maintain it. Inviting consultants can be an easy method to detect your mistakes and eliminate them at once.

Take Memes For Weapon

Memes are a social media glue. Funny pics that are easily related to the audience are a like-gatherer. People come to social platforms to relax and have fun primarily, so if you give them that, you will soon reach the top. Make memes a part of your strategy, but take good efforts in creating them. Constantly monitor new templates that can suit your message and use them to create resonating content.

Promote Your Posts In Stories

Stories are a highly visible form of content on Instagram, due to the appearance. This is an easy way to drive the attention of the viewers to your new post. Ask people to check out your latest post or remind them about a good old one. But don’t overdo it. Trying to boost all your posts at once will put your viewers in frustration, leading to the decrease of activity instead of rise.

Also, pay attention to the reposting of your stories to expand your influence.


Despite the fact that likes on Instagram aren’t a priority anymore, they are still very important for both inner analytics and general growth on the platform. There is no certified step-by-step guide that would help everyone to gain more likes. This statistic is to be examined and the strategy has to be adjusted according to the nature of users’ relations with the account author, whether it is a nonprofit or a brand.

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