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Promoting Your Business on Instagram: Tips You Have to Know

Instagram is the second most popular social media network channel that there is out there, with more than 600 million people using it every month. With this amount of people using the platform every month, it’s an excellent marketing method to use, to promote your business. But, how exactly do you use Instagram to promote your business? There are many different tools that can be used on the social media network and also things you can be doing, to help boost and promote your business on it.

We’re going to look into some tips and techniques on how to do social media promotion campaign, as well as how to promote posts on Instagram, for once you’re up and running. With the amount of people using Instagram, it’s a no brainer that it will help to build up a reputation and promote your business. The best part about it, is that it’s completely free too, so why not try out promoting your business on Instagram?

Tips and Techniques for Instagram

Below, are some tips and techniques to help to promote your posts on Instagram and how to promote your business on Instagram.

Firstly, before anything, you need to make sure you have your business Instagram page set up and ready to go. Make sure it shows off your business well, looks professional and attracts people to the page. A key thing to remember, is to make sure you use brand colours, fonts and pictures, so these become recognisable as the business brand on Instagram. Once you’ve got your Instagram page set up for your business and started to use it, including following others and posting on it, then it’s time to promote it.

Keep Active on The Platform

When learning how to promote your business on Instagram, it’s important to firstly make sure you’re active on it. Be more than just a publisher, posting content and make sure you’re following other people, brands and influencers, engage in the comments sections on yours and others posts and publish content of prospective customers.

By engaging and keeping active, it helps to boost your page so more people see it and therefore, helps to promote it. As well as this, following others will get your name out there and by engaging with them, you can build up good, online relationships.

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Using testimonials, it can give people a better insight to your business and become a good source of information. You can use Instagram posts as testimonials, which gives followers a good look into the business.

Branded Theme

An important part to learning how to promote your business on Instagram, is making sure you stick to a branded theme, on your Instagram page. By sticking to one branded theme, that fits in with the business, it helps to create the brand and reputation. By sticking to the same style posts, colours and fonts etc, it helps to build an image for the brand and make it recognisable. This is great for when using Instagram, as people will see a post and instantly know it’s your business. It’s important to create a good and professional reputation when using Instagram.

Trending Topics

Always make sure to keep up to date with the latest trends, as this is what people are most interested in seeing and like to interact with. By posting about the latest trends and what people are wanting to see, it helps to boost engagement, which overall helps to promote the business.

Use Hashtags

On Instagram, people can search for hashtags, depending on what they’re wanting to see. This is where you can use hashtags to help increase the reach of your posts and to do this, you should at least 3 hashtags per post.

Include Photos and Videos

When using Instagram, make sure to use a mixture of photos and videos, to keep the content you’re posting, more interesting to your followers.

Use Good Quality Images

An important way on how to promote your business on Instagram, is to make sure you’re using good quality images. Especially when your promoting products that you might sell, it’s important to ensure these are high quality images to show them off well. It also gives a better brand reputation for the brand and business.

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By using good quality images for products, it’s an excellent way to promote these and the business.

Give a Behind-The-Scenes Preview

By showing people what goes on behind the scenes of the business, it’s helps them to get a better idea of what goes on and more about the business. People love to see what goes on behind closed doors and how the business works. By giving followers a behind the scene look, it can create more engagement.

Use Influencers

People these days love following influencers and are very easily influenced by what they post, who they follow and what they buy. If you can use influencers to promote your brand, then it’s a definite that this will help to gain followers and promote your business on Instagram.

How to Promote Posts on Instagram

How to Promote Posts on Instagram

When it comes to how to promote your posts on Instagram, you’ll need to make sure to have an Instagram business account set up. Then, it’s pretty simple when it comes to promoting your posts.

  1. Firstly, log into the app and go to your business profile.
  2. Tap on promotions and then create promotions.
  3. Find the post that you’re wanting to promote and tap ‘promote’ under the post’s image.
  4. Fill in the details such as target audience, budget and duration for the promotion.
  5. Tap create promotion and Instagram will review the post. If it meets their ad policy guidelines, then they’ll run the promotion.

It really is as simple as that on how to promote your posts on Instagram.

What Do You Gain From Promoting Your Posts?

When promoting your posts on Instagram, it can give the business some great benefits including:

    • Reaching new people
  • Brings in more customers online
  • Capitalize on momentum from high-performance posts.

Instagram is a great social media channel to be using for your business, especially to promote it and gain a following and customers. The best part is that it’s free, so it’s worth investing some time into it. All of the above, are great ways on how to promote your business Instagram and how to promote your posts on Instagram.

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