Pure Water for Healthy Lifestyle – Choose between RO/UV/UF, and why?

Pure water is one of the most crucial components to have a healthy lifestyle. Several diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, and so on and take place because of drinking contaminated water.

According to the World Health Organisation statistics, around 71% of the world’s population uses some kind of water filtering service to drink safe water.

With so much importance and benefits to health, it is mandatory to use a water filter, especially for drinking purposes. However, with so many options available, it becomes difficult for one-two to decide whether to opt for an RO, UV, or UF service. You can clear all your doubts regarding this by reading this article, so keep scrolling, and first, we will see the difference between the three of them.

What is the basic difference between an RO, UV, and UF purifier?

1.   RO water purifier

The RO water purifiers kill and remove all the bacterias and viruses from the water. RO water purifiers require electricity to function and to boost the tap water pressure. The RO purifiers also have a prefiltration system which also helps in the process of making the dirty water safe to consume. RO stands for Reverse Osmosis, and it can usually purify about 12 to 15 liters of water in a day.

2.   UV water purifier

Ultraviolet water purifiers or UV water purifiers another beneficial way to attain safe water, especially for drinking purposes by filtering dirty water. UV water purifiers also kill all the bacterias and viruses in the dirty water, but the dead bodies remain in the water and are not filtered out. The water should be soft for UV water purifiers to work. These water purifiers require electricity to function and can work with regular tap water pressure.

3.   UF water purifier

The ultrafiltration water purifiers or UF water purifiers do not need electricity to operate. UF purifiers kill and remove all the harmful and fatal bacterias and viruses from the water during purification process. These water purifiers work with dirty turbid water and can work with regular tap water pressure. These water filters are useful even when working with the purification of heavy metals in water.

Why choose RO filter

1.   Clears and removes all the bacterias, germs, viruses and other toxic elements/chemicals

A Reverse Osmosis water purifier kills all the bacterias, germs, viruses, and so on from the water to make it safe to drink. Not just that, but it also removes all the dead bacterias, germs, and viruses from the water in the filtration process.

Other toxic chemicals like lead, trihalomethanes, Fluoride, chlorine, and so on are also killed and removed by an RO water purifier. These chemicals can cause chronic diseases like cancer, conditions in liver and kidney etcetera. But with an RO water purifier, you do not have to worry about these diseases at all.

2.   Removes Dissolved Salt 

Reverse osmosis water purifiers are also capable of removing the dissolved salt in the water during the filtering. Dissolved Salt can be harmful to the metabolism and can create troubles with the consumption process. High levels of dissolved salt can cause various diseases like lung irritation, nausea, vomiting, rashes, fatigue, and so on.

However, an RO water purifier removes this dangerous dissolved salt and saves you from the troubles of various risky diseases.

3.   Great For Hard Water

Reverse osmosis or RO water purifier is also great for treating Hard Water. The water that contains excessive metals like excessive amounts of magnesium and calcium is referred to as hard water. Hard water is not suitable for health and can also leave stains on utensils. With the help of RO water purifiers, this risky element of hard water can be turned into soft, safe, and healthy water.

4.   Has Prefiltration System 

Another exceptional benefit of Reverse Osmosis water purifiers is that they have a prefiltration system. The water in an RO water purifier goes through three different stages of filtration before becoming absolutely safe to drink.

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RO water purifiers can bring out one liter of pure and safe water from every two liters used. The other one liter comes out as dirty water, which you can utilize for other various purposes such as cleaning or mopping the floors. An RO water purifier can usually store up to 15 liters of the water safely in a day. To find an RO service, look up RO service near me, and you will have the desired results.

5.   Easy to Maintain

RO water purifiers are very easy to maintain. Once you have installed it, you can be assured for months and do not have to bother over additional services or anything for that matter.

The filter, when full of dirt and in need to change, turns in a darker brownish-blackish shade, and therefore, it is easy to identify whether there is a need to change the filter or not. Getting check-up services annually to ensure that there is no internal damage is enough to maintain an RO water purifier. This adds to another reason why RO water purifiers are an excellent choice for drinking safe water with ease.

Why choose UV filter

1.   Kills all the bacteria, germs, viruses and other toxic substances

Ultraviolet or UV water purifiers are efficient in killing the bacterias, germs, and viruses present in the water. Though they do not remove the dead bodies from the water, they are still a healthy and safe way to drink pure water.

Furthermore, these UV purifiers are also beneficial in removing the other toxic elements present in the water that are harmful to your health, like lead, chlorine, and so on. Therefore, the water that gets purified with UV water purifiers is safe and healthy.

2.   Low Power Consumption

Ultraviolet water purifiers do operate on electricity but can function without utilizing much power. These water purifiers can work with regular tap water pressure, which is another reason why they absorb less electricity. Therefore, we can say that the Ultraviolet water purifiers are environment friendly and at the same time, really useful.

3.   No change in odor and taste

Ultraviolet water purifiers do not use any chemical or other elements to purify water, but they disinfect the water with the use of ultraviolet light. Since no chemicals are added, the smell and taste of water remain absolutely the same, and the hazardous materials also get killed.

Fun fact : According to the source, it takes about only 10 seconds for an ultraviolet water purifier to kill the bacterias present in the water. So, you get pure water with fast services from these water purifiers.

4.   Easy maintenance

Ultraviolet water purifiers are also easy to maintain. The water filter can be easily removed and cleaned anytime you want to. The need to change the quartz sleeve occurs in 2-3 years. Clean the quartz sleeve with vinegar or any other mild acid you can access and then wash it with water.

Then simply dry it with the help of a towel to avoid scratches, and then it is ready to go and be used for purifying the water. You can change the UV light once in a year to maintain the effective functioning of the water purifier. So, you do not have to put in many efforts and can enjoy drinking safe water.

5.   Conserves water

The ultraviolet water purification method does not waste any water. All the water that goes into the purification process comes out as purified water.

Moreover, it is also very easy to store the UV water purifier as it does not take much place. Ultraviolet water purifiers work the best with clear water and are the most effective for purifying clear water and making it safe to drink.

Why choose UF filter

1.   Removes toxic substances swiftly

UF or ultrafiltration water purifiers make the use of activated carbon and sediment filters to kill and remove all the bacterias, germs, and other elements from the water. Ultrafiltration water purifiers are very effective in removing dust particles, chlorine, and also sand from the water.

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Moreover, UF water purifiers also kill as well as remove harmful and toxic chemicals that are dangerous for your body and can cause diseases. Therefore, to drink healthy and safe water, ultrafiltration water purifiers are indeed a good choice.

2.   Very economical and environment friendly

Ultrafiltration water purifiers are the most economical and environment friendly. This is because these water purifiers absolutely do not need any electricity to function as they use the most simple and basic method of purifying water, which is by making the use of gravity, activated carbon and sediment filters.

They can function with normal tap water without any pressure and make no use or consumption of power and also do not waste a single drop of water, which makes them not only environmental friendly but also healthy in financial terms.

3.   Inexpensive and easy to Maintain

The Ultrafiltration water purifiers come in a very inexpensive price range and have the least cost of maintenance. They can be simply placed in one corner of the house, and they do not take much place as well.

They are very portable as no pipes or wires are attached to them, and therefore, they can be shifted whenever and wherever you want. These water purifiers also do not need any kind of installation, which adds to another reason why they are financially pleasing. Getting an annual service is enough for Ultrafiltration water filters.

4.   Minerals

You can not only remove the germs and bacterias and other toxic elements but can also retain the beneficial minerals with the help of an Ultrafiltration water purifier. Most of the forms of water filtration generally end up removing not only the harmful chemicals but also the important ones.

But that is not the case with the Ultrafiltration water purifiers as they keep the safe and healthy minerals and only remove the toxic ones. In this way, Ultrafiltration water purifiers once again prove themselves to be very useful and beneficial for drinking safe and pure water.

5.   No need for running water

Another advantage of Ultrafiltration or UF water purifiers is that they do not require running water. Gravity is a significant element when it comes to UF water, and it does its job of keeping the water down, and no additional tools are required to bring the flow of water from the tap.

Therefore, you absolutely do not have to worry over the water pressure as there is no need for it when it comes to the functioning of Ultrafiltration water purifiers. It is another exceptional benefit that you can avail of from UF water filters.

6.   No wires attached

There are absolutely no wires or pipes or anything like that attached to an ultrafiltration water purifier. These water purifiers are basically box-like shaped purifiers and do not have any additional thing attached to them.

This makes their storage very convenient, and the same goes for their set up. No additional skills are required in setting up the Ultrafiltration water purifiers, which again makes them very easy to handle, creating another benefit in favour of Ultrafiltration or UF water purifiers.

Final Note

These were the different types of water filters: the Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet and Ultrafiltration water purifiers, and their benefits. All of these water purification sources are effective and efficient for drinking safe water.

They all have different benefits and potential and are a fantastic choice to drink safe and healthy water for a healthier and disease-free lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for? Get a water purifier at your place now and enjoy the benefits of drinking pure and safe water.

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