Securing Your Sites: ClickSSL Provides Cheap SSL Certificates

Internet and Ecommerce have become a household name since the past few years. Since internet has become popular amongst its users, people have started using it for all purposes, the most favourite includes shopping, and that’s when ecommerce comes into the picture.

Ecommerce or internet commerce has been used for purchase and sales of products or services via the internet and for making online payments too. Ecommerce market has changed the perception of shopping completely. The ease and flexibility of shopping, display of multiple products, prices and discount offers, social media reviews etc. all in one roof, have made ecommerce more popular.

But its popularity has attracted hackers, who find this market a great source to earn money, by duping customers in an illegal way. The most dangerous threat of recent times is internet security against cyber-crime.

Research by Security Intelligence states that the global average cost of data breach in 2019 was $3.92 million.

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Extensive knowledge and investment in cyber security measures will help you to secure your ecommerce site against these cyber-criminals.

Thus, investment in SSL certificate becomes a necessity.

  • What is SSL?

SSL (Secured Socket Layers) certificate is a security protocol which secures all the transactions made between browser and server with encryption method. This additional layer of security helps in keeping your site and data secured.

  • Importance of SSL:

SSL certificate security is very important for protection of sensitive information. Since it uses encryption technology for security, all the data-in-transit between server and browser is converted into a coded format. This makes it difficult for hackers to access and read this information.

Only the intended receiver can decrypt the data with the help of decryption key (secret key) and hence SSL has become a popular tool in protecting server-client communication.

SSL also increases user trust and is an important factor for boosting SEO rankings too.

  • Cheap SSL Certificate Providers:

There are multiple cheap SSL certificate providers who provide various brands of SSL certificates at cheap rates.

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ClickSSL is one such certificate provider who is providing SSL products at low rates since more than 9 years and has carved a name for itself in the SSL industry.

  • Why ClickSSL?

This SSL certificate provider is very genuine and provides all brands of SSL certificates, for securing websites of customers. Though ClickSSL security products are available at reasonable rates, they don’t compromise on the quality factor.

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Their robust security protects websites against data breaches, security threats, MITM attacks etc. keeping customer data and transactions safe.

Apart from creating awareness about security products, they provide authentic web securities and hence are able to gain customer trust. This trust has got them a huge client base, thus keeping them on the top of the list.

  • Multiple Brands and Options:

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Being a platinum partner of all global popular SSL brands like Comodo, RapidSSL, Thawte, GeoTrust and Symantec, ClickSSL rules the market by providing all products of these brands under one roof. SSL certificates of these brands are available in all products, which protect your site in multiple ways with encryption security.

Few Products offered By ClickSSL:

  • Domain Validation (DV) SSL: Secures the main domain of your website.
  • Organisation Validation (OV) SSL: Verifies your organisation’s identity and domain ownership that helps to improve customers’ trust.
  • Extended Validation (EV) SSL: This SSL certificate proves the authenticity of the organisation. Though it takes more time in issuance, it displays the certificate details upon clicking on a padlock, and provides the highest level of trust; thus, boosting sales.
  • Code Signing Certificates: It helps to get digital signatures to your applications and software’s, thus increasing legitimacy.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate: It secures the main domain and multiple subdomains of this main domain running on your website.
  • Multi-Domain / SAN SSL: It secures multiple domains and multiple subdomains of your site. You can buy Multi Domain SSL certificate at cheapest price.
  • Cost Effective:

Keeping into consideration the budgets of small and medium businesses, ClickSSL offers all their security products at very reasonable rate as compared to other CAs (Certificate Authorities). This cost effectiveness, keeps them at the top of the competition.

  • Discounts and Offers:

ClickSSL provides SSL coupon codes and promo offers round the year. Different offers on different brands and products are available, which gives variety of options to the customer, for selecting the best product as per their business requirement.

Example: RapidSSL SSL certificates are available at 70% discount, whereas, GeoTrust SSL certificates are available at 53% discount.

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Quick and Simple Issuance:

As far as the issuance time of SSL certificates is concerned, it depends on the validation type selected. DV SSL takes few minutes in issuance; whereas OV SSL and EV SSL take 1-3 days in issuance since the company verification and document verification needs to be done, before issuance.

ClickSSL processes issuance of SSL certificates immediately after requests are received; thus, satisfying the web security requirements of the customers quickly.

  • Authentic:

It maintains authenticity and quality of security products and proves to be a reliable service provider of web securities in the market.

  • Excellent Customer Support:

ClickSSL supports customers in many ways.

  • Live Chat support 24/7/365 days is available for customers; wherein customer support executives handle their queries related to installation or other issues.
  • Email Support team helps solve queries of customers on email.
  • Existing customers can also generate tickets for quick solutions to their queries.
  • Money-Back Guarantee:

Money back offers gives an assurance to the customer, that their money is not wasted in case of dissatisfaction of product. Mostly digital certificates give 30 day money back guarantee offers and refund the entire amount, in case the customer requests for the same.

ClickSSL is one such genuine SSL certificate provider, who promises what it commits, and hence is a popular name amongst web security providers.

  • Free Tools:

SSL Checker for checking the details of SSL certificate as well as the security status, CSR decoder for converting the encoded language and SSL Finder for selecting the best SSL certificate for your business, all these SSL tools is available at ClickSSL.

  • SSL Resale Business:

ClickSSL Reseller programme help you to become entrepreneur. They give lucrative price offers with a free account setup and API access.

The best part is that they remain incognito and don’t interrupt with your customers or prices. They help you in managing your business peacefully, without the stresses of targets and deadlines on your mind.

In a Nutshell:

The above factors are enough to prove that ClickSSL is undoubtedly one of the best cheap SSL certificate providers in the market. Secure your network and web business with ClickSSL products and gain customer’s trust as well as sales.

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