Seven Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

Marketing has always been an essential part of businesses the world over. Even before the technology advances took over, there were radio and television advertisements, newspaper advertisements, magazine ads, etc. (due to the high price tag involved; they were open for a selected few).

With technology advances and development of digital media as the largest market in itself, the tides for businesses in the digital world have completely changed.

Now, every company, every startup can market their businesses with any marketing budgets that they may have in hand.

Marketing is mandatory, though tools and effects may vary

The above stated statement is a no-brainer. In fact, businesses tend to market their products and services with whatever they have, however they can!

Don’t worry. We shall be helping you sort through your options!

With most companies spending more than 10% of their overall budget on marketing, they are eyeing ways and means to connect and communicate better with their tentative clients. And, since most of these people are online; digital marketing has been their choicest platform to trend and be seen.

Digital marketing can help businesses target global outreach at pocket-friendly prices, with scope to generate viral content that can reach millions within one go. Also, with its features that enable personalization of content, digital marketing is now a necessity for businesses especially to keep up with competition.

We herein analyze trends that are leading the marketing packs of some of the leading mobile app marketing companies, as on date:

1. Utilizing Social Media is a must

Do you know that close to half of the world’s total population is on a social media platform, with Facebook leading the pack. Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, amongst others are also quite effective. With users spending close to 3 hours every day on these platforms, not utilizing them for your brand growth is a marketing mistake you just cannot afford. As these platforms provide options to grow audiences both organically (through pictures, videos and content) as well as through paid ads; they have now become the number 1 choice for global marketers to engage with and grow their client base.

2. You need to be easily searchable

What gets seen, gets sold. It is the same in the digital marketing context as well. It is thus, pertinent that your business gets easily searched on Google and other search platforms and your mobile app easily gets found in the App stores.

As a business owner you also need to understand the fact that most page traffic arises through organic searches and Google itself accounts for nearly 75% of them So, you need to stay in top page searches of your brand related relevant keywords and business related industry searches. You should thus, use eminent Search Engine Optimization strategies including keywords and backlink insertions within all your digital assets.

Especially for your mobile app, you would have to explore and adopt app store optimization strategies, which is something like SEO (includes use of keywords), but in context of apps and app stores.

3. Video content is a must have

Times of simple images are far gone-by. With most online platforms including Google opening up separate verticals for videos and ranking video content higher for searchability, it is a must have for online presence nowadays.

An important inclusion of SEO and ASO strategies, a well explained product video on your landing page can increase conversion rate of your mobile apps by upto 80%. As videos are much more engaging and retained within mindsets, they tend to build user trust and provide a high return on investment.

4. Inclusion of Artificial Intelligence

With several options and means to market, intelligent marketers are opting to utilize Artificial Intelligence for targeted approach of their marketing endeavors for greater affectivity.

Platforms like Facebook have already included AI-empowered smart systems within their paid ads dashboards to provide users with insightful information about users for target marketing. Corporates like Amazon, Twitter, amongst others are also using AI-empowered algorithms.

It is predicted that sooner than later, AI will be utilized by SMB’s as well to curate smart content as per customer engagement and disengagement numbers tracked by the system through predictive models and data generation.

5. Personalization of Content

Catering to higher user expectations, businesses are touted to opt for personalized content and marketing in 2021. It basically engages customers or prospective customers by communicating with each of them as an individual.

Personalized content helps build customer loyalty for the brand, enabling them to willingly provide information about their inclinations and choices as well as expectations from the brand. This helps build customer’s loyalty and an effective CRM system that directly drives sales and revenue. For instance: the personalized content provided by Netflix has multiplied its user experience and subscriber base manifolds.

6. Get ready for Voice Search

The times of Alexa and Google Home are here and their services and promoted content are set to receive immense support and usability in the coming times. As per a recent PWC report, ‘65% of 25 to 49 year old internet subscribers speak to their voice-enabled devices at least once a day’.

So, while creating content for your online assets, it is necessary to optimize them for voice search as well. Your content should enable direct searches through easy conversational keywords. It would then be able to accurately sync with queries. Smoother voice search experience will help boost your business traffic and help you stay relevant in the coming times.

7. Ample emphasis on Content Marketing

As per a hubspot statistics, ‘Nearly 40% of marketers say content marketing is a very important part of their overall marketing strategy’. Basically, utilization of quality blogs, articles and other online content in downloadable formats to tell your intended viewers about your brand, expertise, and products or services is a strategy that would enable brand searches in the coming year.

Wrapping Up

Every market needs its own set of marketing strategies and options. Since the digital world is not only the largest market , but also the biggest marketing platform for physical stores as well; utilization of one or more of the above stated marketing trends is going to be a necessity for all businesses.

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