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Shoppable Instagram: The Revolutionary Social Media Marketing Trend In 2020

Since its existence, Instagram has evolved tremendously as this one of the most popular social media networks has introduced innumerable features to keep the audience engaged. One of them is Shoppable Instagram that we will discuss in this blog. 

Shoppable Instagram- The Hottest Marketing Trend For Brands

Instagram has changed the way people shop by integrating eCommerce with social media i.e., Social commerce. 

‘Shoppable Instagram,’ also famously known as Shoppable Posts, has been in trend for quite some time now, but with time it is gaining more popularity amongst the users. Brands are also heavily leveraging this social commerce trend to turn content into conversions. 

Defined as- “Ecommerce brands sharing product images and shoppable tags showcasing their names & pricing within Instagram posts comes under Shoppable Instagram.”

Users can have a quick look at the item’s information by clicking on the products. 

Brands can use as many tags as they want in the Shoppable Instagram posts, but when it comes to Instagram stories, they can only tag one product at a time. 

The checkout feature in such posts has made payment easier for the customers, as they can directly pay on this platform. 

Slowly and steadily, brands have started leveraging this amazing feature of Instagram i.e., Shoppable Instagram or Shoppable Posts. 

How To Set Up Your Shoppable Instagram Store?

Shoppable Instagram is a social commerce solution that can help brands monetize their social media content and generate revenue. 

To start with Shoppable Instagram, you need to do a little legwork for some time. Then only you’ll be successful in setting up Shoppable posts for your brand.

There are a few steps in this process of converting your Instagram feeds into shoppable ones.

1. Upgrade to Instagram Business account

It is a must for the eCommerce brand to convert your Instagram account to an Instagram Business account. 

Only by doing so, you’ll be able to add Shoppable tags on your posts, promote them, create advertisements, or get the insights of your Shoppable feeds insights. 

But to do so, you need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Business page. Follow these steps mentioned below!

  • Open your Facebook Business page.
  • Select Settings > Instagram
  • Then Log In to your Instagram account to upgrade your Instagram profile.
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2. Use Facebook to Create a Product Catalog 

In this step, you need to do the following: 

  • Now, create a product catalog on Facebook by using the Shopping Facebook page template. Go to Settings > Edit Page > Templates.
  • You get access to one of the Facebook Shopping attributes by accessing Shopping Template, i.e., Shop section.
  • Here you have to select Add Product 
  • Then follow the instructions for uploading your products’ images, adding prices, writing descriptions, and more.

It takes a few hours or days to get your account approved by Facebook. So, be patient until that time. 

(Please Note: If you have multiple catalogs from different businesses, use Facebook Business Manager.)

Another way to create a product catalog shop on Facebook can be via Shopify or BigCommerce. 

3. Add Shoppable Tags on Products

As soon as you get the notification for your account approval, you can start using shoppable tags in your Instagram posts as well as stories.

Follow some easy steps to complete this section!

  • Open the Instagram app and select Settings > Business Settings > Shopping. 
  • Choose the catalog you created on Facebook and press Ok. 

You are now eligible for tagging posts with products to make your Instagram feeds shoppable from your Facebook catalog. 

Speaking of tags, brands can tag up to 5 products or up to 20 products per carousel. But make sure you tag the right product in each Instagram feed to avoid any sort of confusion of the customers. 

Once you add all appropriate tags on the products, click Preview to see how your post looks. And if you get satisfied with it, then share the post on your Instagram Business profile.

Benefits of Shoppable Posts on Instagram

We have curated a list of perks of leveraging shoppable Instagram for your business’s marketing.

Drive Sales

The main objective of every marketer is to drive sales. Right! And by leveraging shoppable Instagram, brands can grow sales & revenue by converting visitors into customers instantly. 

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Shoppable posts allow users to buy the products instantly from the posts. This helps turn the inspiration into action, bringing in more clicks, engagement, and ultimately sales. 

Increase Audience Engagement 

Shoppable posts on Instagram get the users’ attention by providing them information such as product details, descriptions, and other necessary information. This helps in increasing engagement on your brand’s products.

Instagram being a visual platform, is already the best in terms of user engagement with the content. When you make the content shoppable, it intensifies the interaction & engagement of users. 

Higher Social Traffic

Your website experiences higher traffic as shoppable posts on Instagram make it happen as soon as your users click on the Shop Now option. The Shoppable tags link social media to your website. 

So, you get more relevant and valuable traffic from social media by leveraging social commerce platforms that are interested in your products as it leads them to click and land on your website. 

Better Search Engine Rankings 

Shoppable Instagram helps you in getting better positioning on search engines along with social media networks.

As when you receive more social organic traffic to your website along with higher engagement, it sends positive signals to the search engines for your website leading to better rankings and more clicks.

Shorter & Easier Buyer Journey

Shoppable posts on Instagram get customers rid of that long and tiring eCommerce environment where they have to invest a lot of time. 

But now, with minimum clicks, customers can buy any product quickly and easily. This, in return, leads to more leads & conversions opportunities for brands.

Improved Customer Experience

Ecommerce must focus on taking actions that directly improve the customer experience related to brand image and customer loyalty.

The shorter and quicker buyer journey with easy checkout experience provides a delightful shopping experience to the consumers making the happy and delighted.


If you haven’t yet, then start leveraging the power of shoppable Instagram for your eCommerce business. Along with this, keep an eye on Instagram’s upcoming trends to beat your competitors with huge success.

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