Strong Reasons Why Smartphones Should Not Be Allowed in School

No one will be surprised seeing a schooler with a smartphone. The youngsters use these devices for various purposes. Unfortunately, they are not always beneficial when students are at school. Some purposes of using smartphones are important for their learning and personal life. is one of the most reliable essay writing services, which can be accessed from your phone to get professional and fast paper writing help online. However, this should never be done while you’re at school. Otherwise, you cheat on your teachers. There are some other reasons why smartphones should not be allowed in school.

We don’t claim that smartphones are the evil you should fight. In fact, they are very useful and important to communicate, learn something new, improve skills, conduct business, and so on. This article provided by academic experts warns against using smartphones in school. There are serious reasons you shouldn’t do that.

Constant Distraction

It’s no secret that children get easily distracted. They aren’t experienced yet and their power of will is weak. They aren’t commonly disciplined and organized as the grownups. Thus, different apps and games, social media, etc. are strong sources of losing concentration. They keep in mind how to pass a new level in their games rather than focusing on their school tasks and duties.

Issues with Homework

Smartphones aren’t always used correctly by children. They prefer to chat online, play video games, watch YouTube, and so on. These activities steal their precious time and they don’t devote it to their academics. As a result, many schoolers fall behind the learning program. They don’t learn long enough, have problems with time management, don’t work out their skills, etc.

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Although cell phones can be used for learning, it’s not always fair. We mean the situations when a student doesn’t choose to find some useful guide or download a useful learning app. We mean the cases when they cheat right in the classroom. They write notes or chat with their mates who provide them with correct answers during the test. It’s unfair and doesn’t reflect the current level of competence. Moreover, it makes students lazier and dependent on their cell phones. They stop learning because everything can be solved when they cheat.

Harming Health

Smartphones may also lead to certain health issues. Some studies prove that excess use of smartphones by children causes some health problems. Children change their lifestyles and it’s commonly quite careless. They don’t watch what they eat, when they go to sleep, and how much they endanger their eyes. The common side effects of abnormal use of smartphones are:

  • Increased restlessness;
  • Headaches;
  • Sight problems;
  • Excess consumption of stimulating beverages;
  • Difficulty in falling asleep;
  • Increased vulnerability to stress;
  • Frequent fatigue;
  • Excess weight, etc.


Many schoolers are inexperienced users and get frequently bullied online. Cyberbullying is a widely spread issue. While children are not mentally mature, they are more vulnerable to different jokes made by other users. This leads to stress, upset mind, etc. Some scientists claim that it can lead even to suicide in the long run. Parents should obligatorily control the time their children spend with their gadgets and protect from cyberbullying.

Problems with Socializing

Excess use of cell phones frequently leads to problems with social life. Many people (not only schoolers) lose their connection with reality. They seem to be fully absorbed by their cell phones while they chat on Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms. Virtual communication steadily replaces communication in real life.

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For example, scientists have introduced a concept called “escapism”. This state is reached when a person doesn’t want to talk to people in reality. He/she finds it difficult and even dangerous. People may be great communicators online, but they miserably fail when they meet others in the street. Children frequently get lost in virtual life and find it hard to face their peers and adults in person. They are shy or even feel unreal danger doing that. When you chat online, no one can assault you physically. Many schoolers run from their problems inducing online escapism.

Poor Grades

The final reason for the mentioned above problems is reflected in poor academic results. As they are constantly distracted and use their smartphones for non-academic purposes, they don’t develop the necessary learning skills and knowledge. When children begin to suffer from some mental and physical problems, these states also don’t allow for learning properly. Accordingly, we should not be surprised to see the fall of grades in schoolers. Parents should control their children. Besides, schools should also ban smartphones on campus.

All in all, there are more strong reasons why cell phones along with smartphones should be banned in schools.

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