There are countless formats and ways of writing an essay. The starting of an essay is the most critical part of it, this is the time when the writer grabs or distracts the reader’s attention. It’s essential for the writers to grab that attention, the beginning of the essay should introduce the essay and focus on the main motive of it. Writing a college-level essay can be an intimidating task for some individuals, they are found struggling and this is when they seek external help from the professional writers on the internet, who are inexpensive but trustworthy. Many apprentices are found searching for help on the internet, write my essay, or help me with it is their main request. Although countless platforms are willing to help apprentices, some individuals choose to do their college assignments on their own, for such students we have gathered and explained a format that will help them when they are writing a college essay. Continue reading.

Introduction of the essay: This is a no brainer, this is the part when the readers comprehend the essay they get to know what the essay is about and the topic the writer has chosen to write on. Of course, this paragraph won’t give everything away, this is just a brief introduction of what is about to come. The introduction is the part where the writer grabs the reader’s attention, this is where the writer motivates the reader to read further. Try to make the introduction a bit attention-seeking, write a controversial statement related to the topic or a quote. The introduction has to be well articulated.

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Emphasis on the topic: Once you have thoroughly introduced the topic one has chosen to write on, it’s time to write on the topic’s main issue. Explain why you have chosen to write about this topic, what you have to tell about it. Maybe ask a question and then further explain the topic. It’s vital to support your argument. By the end of this paragraph, readers should not have any confusion, they should know what the essay is about and why they should read about it.

The length and format of the essay: This is where individuals tend to get the most confused. How long should each paragraph be in order to make the essay seem more interesting and captivating? It’s essential that each paragraph should be proportional to the length of the whole essay one is writing. The beginning should be a summary explaining the context and the topic. The format of the essay has to logical, one cannot write whatever they want and whenever they want, the essay should be smooth, it should determine the sole purpose of the essay, and each paragraph should be linked and connected.

Strategies about the essay: How to start is the main question of each individual when writing an essay regardless of the level. What can be a good opening statement? A quotation? Etc. whatever the opening is, always remember that it should relate to the topic you have chosen to write about. Be as focused and emphasized as you can be.

In the end, remember, once the whole draft is written, reread the essay a few times, focus on the mistakes and blunders that you might have made along the way, recheck the introduction and see if it clearly explains about the topic. Edit accordingly and submit.

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