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Tech Tools Every Real Estate Agent Must Have

Managing a real estate business means working with a lot of different things simultaneously. This could range from generating leads to advertising and advising clients on the current market prices and trends to showing properties to potential buyers. Then there is the need for using market data to do comparative analysis and create property listings with the right information. These can be quite time-consuming and make life difficult for realtors.

Fortunately, there are many logistic software and tech tools, which can make things simpler for real estate agents. With technology, changing the world around us, savvy realtors are adopting new tech tools to improve their productivity, boost leads, and take their businesses to new heights. Below are some of the most useful tech tools that every real estate agent must have to stay competitive in the industry.

  1. Content Management Software

The real estate industry is evolving rapidly as we speak. This makes it crucial for realtors to stay updated with the real estate market news, new product launches, changing industry regulations, and more. At the same time, real estate businesses should provide value to their clients by keeping them in the loop. This can be done by having a reliable content management tool handy and ensuring to update the business website with engaging and informative content on the fly.

  1. Marketing Collateral App

Creating marketing collateral like flyers, postcards, and brochures are very important for real estate agents to promote their property listings to the target audience effectively. As not all realtors are expert graphic designers who can create impressive marketing collateral, using a simple online graphic design tool can be a great alternative to create brochures and social media easily. Many such tools come with pre-built templates for real estate marketing collateral as well to further simplify the designing process.

  1. Video Marketing Tool

Video marketing has become one of the go-to choices for real estate businesses to promote their properties to potential buyers and renters. Just like graphic designing software, there are many easy-to-use video marketing apps available as well that allow creating engaging real estate videos within a few clicks. Some even come with drag-and-drop interfaces as well as pre-built templates and storyboards to make creating pro-quality property listing videos, slideshows, and marketing videos a breeze for the user.

  1. CRM Solution

A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is a basic requirement for real estate businesses. With a CRM solution that comes with real estate industry-specific features and functions, realtors can easily keep track of their customer interactions, potential prospects, as well as networking contacts through the buying or selling process to grow their business. The CRM app can also be used to schedule follow-up messages or promotional emails to keep clients engaged and let them know about upcoming deals and offers.

  1. Task Management Software

As managing a real estate business is like juggling multiple tasks at the same time, it is possible to miss out on some important tasks in the process. A task management tool can be a lot beneficial to ensure that all the business-related tasks are completed on time. Some task management software even supports team collaboration and other features, which can be a great option to organize multiple projects and ensure the most favourable productivity from each team member.

  1. Social Media Management App

Today, social media is at the forefront of marketing. It is seen that clients who interact with a real estate business on social media are more likely to move forward with the deal and buy or rent the property they are interested in. Besides, having a strong presence on social media platforms and responding to the queries of potential customers on time also leads to a better customer experience, builds brand awareness, and helps to generate new leads.

  1. Team Collaboration Tool

While there are many instant messaging apps, which can be used to communicate with team members, real estate businesses should use a dedicated internal team collaboration tool to ensure seamless communication as well as easy sharing of files and relevant information. Many team collaboration platforms even offer cloud storage options to ensure easy access to the shared files from anywhere and on any device. This can be useful to collaborate with colleagues in real-time.

  1. Electronic Signature Service

Managing the paperwork is an integral part of real estate businesses. With an electronic signature service, this process can be simplified by managing the documents securely ob the cloud. This in turn speeds up the transactions significantly and allows realtors and stakeholders to sign the documents online from anywhere and using any device. Electronic signature tools can also help to reduce contract reworking because of unreadable handwritten agreements or missed signatures, which can lead to better cost-savings.

  1. Virtual Tour App

Reports say that over 90% of modern property buyers look at the listing online before visiting it in-person. The developments in technology have made it simpler to show real estate properties to such clients at their convenience using virtual tour apps. This not only saves a lot of time and costs in visiting multiple properties but also gives a more immersive experience to potential customers as they can easily refine the search by their preferences and budget.

  1. Email Marketing Solution

Email marketing has always been a great tool to build brand awareness and generate potential leads for real estate businesses. With a feature-rich email marketing solution in their arsenal, realtors can easily create interesting real estate emails and newsletters and send them to the desired mail list. Most email marketing apps even come with pre-designed templates that can be customized to suit the target audience. Some even allow users to send automated emails and newsletters as per their planned schedule to leads and customers.

  1. Lead Generation Tool

Having a robust lead generation system is vital for real estate businesses to grow their reach and drive more revenue. Modern AI-powered lead generation tools can help to analyze large volumes of data and filter prospective customers based on their behaviour, interaction levels, and other criteria. This can help to plan better marketing campaigns that are more likely to lead to conversation. Some lead generation tools can even perform market forecasting based on the collected data.

  1. Document Management App

It is imperative for realtors to keep property documents safe and secure. This is where a digital document management app can help. By storing the property documents on cloud servers, they not only ensure optimal security against property document frauds but also allow real estate agents to access the files whenever needed for any processing needs. Some apps come with document scanner features as well to scan and save paper documents as PDFs on the cloud instantly.

  1. Invoicing and Accounting Software

Proper invoicing and accounting are the lifeline of a successful business. In the real estate industry, realtors need to be up to date with the changing property prices as well as understand how to take care of commissions, tax sums, and extra expenses. A reliable invoicing and accounting tool can help to simplify all these processes and allow realtors to run the business more efficiently by managing all their estimates, accounts, expenses, and payments in a single dashboard.

  1. Transaction Management App

Just as important an accounting tool is to track the expenses and payments, it is also crucial that realtors have a transaction management solution to keep their business compliant with the market standards and regulatory norms. Innovative transaction management software simplifies the complex paperwork around real estate transactions so that real estate agents can keep all the stakeholders updated with the process while ensuring that everything is on track to complete the deal.

  1. Property Management Tool

It does not matter which tech tools realtors have, without a custom software application development for property management,  they will not be able to unlock their full potential. A property management app can help real estate agents to manage the rental and on-sale properties easily while having a consolidated look at the listings as well as clients. Some property management software come with automation features as well and can be integrated with other business tools to fill vacancies on the list with the details of the buyers or renters automatically.

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From helping to keep an eye on the changing real estate market to facilitate negotiations between sellers and buyers, these simple-to-use tech tools can make life simpler for realtors in varied ways. With an all-in-one collaborative tool, which can couple multiple features in a single dashboard, the scope of managing the real estate business more efficiently goes to a new level. The only thing to make certain in that is to pick the right platform that will lead to the most productive outcomes.

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