The best locators to follow your car with GPS

How many times have you parked the car and hours later you did not remember where? Clueless people, like you and me, we have to live with these little oversights daily. However, forgetting where the vehicle is is not the same as not knowing where you last saw the mobile charger. For this type of situation, the most advisable solution is to install one of the best locators to be able to follow the steps of your car.

Today there are many models that already incorporate this type of technology, but if your car is already a few years old and, at the moment, you are not thinking of buying one … we have the perfect remedy. Locators are small devices that inform us about the current location of our vehicle in a very reliable way. In addition, they are very useful when we travel to a new place or if we have the misfortune to suffer a car theft.

If you don’t know which one to choose or are a bit lost with so many brands and models, take a look at this list. In it are the best GPS locators so you don’t lose sight of your car again.

1. Invoxia Locator

The first in our ranking is Invoxia . In its favor, since it does not have a SIM card, it does not need any data plan to work, its long-lasting battery provides it with a autonomy of six months and, in addition, its installation is as simple as downloading its application and connecting it to our mobile phone. .

It updates its position every five minutes and allows us to define alert zones. Thanks to them we will receive a notification at the moment the car leaves or enters the area that we have indicated. To this we must add that it has a warning system if your vehicle is moved while stopped.

2. TKSTAR TK905 Locator

This Tkstar model is characterized by its wide range of uses. It is made with good quality materials, it is waterproof and resistant to both shocks and dust. It has a magnet to install it quickly and easily and its battery has an autonomy of 90 days on pause and 21 days if it is constantly operating.

As a locator it stands out for its real-time tracking function and its ten-second update interval. It has an alarm function that sends us a text message to the mobile when the car starts and, in addition, allows the establishment of security zones.

3. Hangang GPS locator

This locator is characterized by being a robust, resistant, durable and easy to install device: it has a high-power magnet that allows it to be placed in any part of the vehicle. In addition, it is equipped with a lithium battery that gives it an autonomy of 90 days in operation.

The Hangang GPS allows us to know, in real time, the specific location of the tracked car by transferring this information to the mobile devices compatible with it: Android and iOS. It has positioning in GPS mode, assisted GPS or LBS (location based services). Its precision is five meters and, like other devices, it offers the possibility of creating a key area to inform us when the car moves away from it.

4. Kimfly Locator

If this locator stands out for the lake, it is because it is very small and easy to install. To this we must add that it has internal memory to store a 90-day travel history, but against it it plays that it only works with 2G networks.

Kimfly connects with our smartphone to inform us of the location of the car in real time, a location determined by GPS, AGPS and ASB. At the same time, it has a security barrier that establishes a perimeter for the tracked vehicle and the moment it leaves it, it reports instantly.

5. XCSOURCE H207 Locator

We finished with the H207 locator of the XCSOURCE brand, which we can use in our car, but also on motorcycles, bicycles … It has a security password to change the settings and protect our privacy.

In addition to real-time location and GPS, GSM and GPRS tracking, it provides us with information about the vehicle’s location through text messages and the possibility of making inquiries about the location using the Google map. Like other devices, it is compatible with Android and iOS.

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