The Best Proxies for Brand Protection

Proxies are usually associated with online activities such as access to geo-blocked content and web scraping. A proxy server, commonly known as a proxy, is an application that acts as a gateway to the internet, enabling the veiling of computer IP addresses.

Proxy servers, therefore, are ideal online anonymity agents. They ensure that all information requested by your browser, first passes through their server, before it reaches the website requested. This chain of activity veils your IP address and displays the proxy server’s address instead.

Proxy servers have become useful tools in the war against brand infringement. Your brand protection strategy will fall short of its fulfillment if you leave out the cybercrime deterrent benefits of the proxy server.

What is Brand Protection?

Data shows that over half of all brands lose their revenue to pirated or counterfeit goods. One in every three businesses loses at least 10% of their expected income to fake goods producers. More data shows that close to 60% of companies say that brand protection and safety is going to become difficult as e-commerce businesses take over from brick and mortar store sales.

Piracy, counterfeiting, brand abuse, and cybersquatting have become key brand protection loopholes that are pushing many a business’s revenues down. Brand protection is the process of preventing these cases of brand infringement. This process also involves the security of a business’s customers from online crime and the dangers of counterfeits.

Additionally, brand protection helps to maintain customer trust and ensure their safety. Brand infringement can trigger very undesirable emotions in your customers that will not only adversely affect your sales but your reputation as well. Proxy servers can help alleviate these problems and help you to reign in cases of phishing scams, social media breaches, and impersonators that could put your business in the wrong light.

The high costs of cybercrime

Cybercrime is snowballing and is set to cost businesses $5.2 trillion in the next five years. Most of these attacks are aimed at small businesses, with 43% of all high tech villains’ targets being startups that have little defense mechanisms. Unfortunately, data shows that only a paltry 14% of small businesses have in place measures to deter these criminals.

The cost and the frequency of these attacks are going to keep rising and will force businesses to shut down after victimization. Most of these attacks exploit computer network vulnerabilities, which cause intangible damage to company assets and their brand reputation. A good case in point is the case of Miracle, whose client’s data was placed on the market and advertised as for sale by cybercriminals.

The brand protection capabilities of proxy servers 

With a proxy server acting as protection between your business’s network and the internet, your IPs will be completely masked. For example, you can click here to learn more about how the proxy works. However, The server will also unlink your accounts to mitigate multiple losses of business accounts at the same time. Proxy servers can provide potent brand protection features such as;


Your brand is one of the most critical assets that your business has, and its safety is paramount to your success. Maintain a healthy and vibrant brand, and your value will increase as more investors and customers come to it. Use a proxy server to ensure that your brand is safe online.

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