5 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Start Using for Business

Do you want to make the major leagues with your business using technology? According to a survey, close to 27% of businesses feel digital transformation is for survival. So, let’s look at some important tools for your business that will help you during this transformation.

  1. Taking your Business Online with GSuite

Irrespective of the size or type of the business, the range of products that Google offers is unparalleled. With the GSuite, your business is introduced to a list of beneficial tools that can be used for day to day tasks.

Starting from a custom domain email address, to using its plethora of google document suits with Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms, to having access to video conferencing with Google Meet, or having larger cloud storage in the form of Google Drive, Google has it all.

But that’s not it. It also offers a range of marketing tools like the Google Analytics Dashboard, Google Tags Manager, etc. Digital marketers use these tools extensively to market websites and reach out to the audience.

  1. Getting your Website Archived with Stillio

If your business has a website, and you use it extensively for marketing and business operations, then, archiving the website data is a prime need. It not only helps you to store the website data for future use but archiving also helps marketers extensively.

For this repetitive and hectic job, Stillio is the best online tool that can help any and every business. Its features range from automated screen captures of websites to its cloud upload in your desired location. The tool can also be customized easily and will automate the entire process for you.

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Apart from these basic features, it also has advanced functionality like hiding and adding elements, adding countless URLs for screen capture, Tags analysis, etc. These added features make it one of a kind in the industry.

  1. Design your marketing materials using Canva

Designing can be really hectic, and equally expensive especially when you are just starting. Many businesses like to spend less on this, and since the entire world has gone digital, they would prefer keeping the creatives designed and shared through Digital Media.

In those cases, Canva is the best online tool for template-based design. What is the best part about Canva? It has uncountable templates categorized under various heads for you to choose from depending on your purpose.

Right from designing Business presentations, social media designs, branding materials to digital business cards, Canva has everything that you need. You can either design something from scratch or even use pre-designed templates, to make the process easier.

  1. Create an Interactive and Automated marketing experience with HubSpot

When entrepreneurs are always looking for creative ways to reach out to their customers easily. In that case, a Customer Relationship Management tool is highly important, and that is where HubSpot comes in.

It is an advanced CRM tool, which also makes communication across teams quite seamless. Imagine, you have a sales team and a servicing team, and then there are operations, management, and HR Teams – HubSpot can help you streamline all of them seamlessly. According to a statistic, more than 12000 businesses use this tool across 56 countries.

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The tool helps in smarter lead management with automated reminders for follow-ups, sales cycle prediction, deal creation, notification to members involved in the deal, etc. It also helps the servicing team with ticket creation for custom work, work completion and initiation follow-ups, tagging of team members, etc.

Long story short, HubSpot is a must for every business especially if you dedicated teams for different departments.

  1. Build seamless online customer experience with Medium

The businesses have gone online, and forming an opinion on the internet is not a luxury but a necessity right now. Most of the social media spaces are used by almost every business on the face of the earth. Since content is driving people, businesses are trying to reach out to the finer niche for better conversion!

In that case, Medium is one such premium blogging community that is giving a newer identity to businesses. With Medium, you can easily publish blog posts about your business, its offerings, and you can also get to talk about recent trends, and how your business is relevant and is helping people out on the same vertical.

Thus, if you want to make an impact as an entrepreneur with your business, you need to use each and every tool from these different domains. You are bound to see results with time!

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