Top 10 Popular Tourist Spots In Kuwait

Kuwait is among the most urbanized countries on the whole planet. The nation has lots of Islands, a number of the biggest Islands one of them are Bubiyan, Warbah, and Failaka Islands. Kuwait is a rich, secure, crime-free nation and also a gorgeous city to see.

Listed below are the top tourist spots to See in Kuwait:


Kuwait Tower is a set of 3 towers located in Arabian Gulf Street in Dasmani town of Kuwait. The first tower includes the most important world where restaurants and reception halls are located and have a rotating viewing world that provides a wonderful bird’s eye view of the town. The next tower includes a water reservoir, and the next tower is filled with gear to give power to another two towers and a few Kuwait regions. An area is a must-visit location in Kuwait as a sign of economic recovery in the nation. Kuwait Tower is a mixture of traditional Islamic design with contemporary architecture. Visit Qatar Airways Booking for best deals & offers for flights and vacation packages to explore best tourist spots in Kuwait.


Kuwait Beaches are rewarded with a magnificent shoreline, which is why they must visit Kuwait’s location. The scenic splendor of Azure waters and white sand in Kuwait is beautiful. Beaches in Kuwait are perfect for relaxing and appreciating various water sports such as snorkeling, snorkeling, and boat tours around the cool sea breeze. AI Kout is among the greatest beaches in Kuwait; the calmness of the sands and stillness of the water on the shore is mesmerizing. Wearing bikinis isn’t allowed on most public shores of Kuwait.


Tareq Rajab Museum is a gorgeous location in Kuwait, and also a lot of people adore the area. The museum is filled with lovely collections of Islamic arts, silver and gold jewelry, glass and metal works, costumes, pearls, manuscripts, musical instruments, plus far more. The ethnographic collection in the museum-like intricacies of this weaves, embroideries from the fabrics, designs of silver and gold jewelry, and metal, pottery, and glass art is unique and seldom found. All these collections have their source in various areas of the world, such as Iran, Afghanistan, India, etc…


National Museum is your depiction of Kuwait’s legacy structured from the French architect, Michel Ecochard. It’s broken up into three chief segments – Archaeology, Heritage, and Planetarium. The archaeology section is amazing, and the relationship backs traffic into the Bronze Age. The legacy section depicts the stage of Kuwaiti’s life. The planetarium segment indicates the gulf war place in the kind of a flat duplex. This federal Museum in Kuwait is crucial to find a location.


Grand Mosque is the biggest Mosque in Kuwait that’s famous for its traditional Islamic architecture. The mosque is superbly designed from the interior with a Persian structural layout, pointed arches, and pillar arcades. The inside of the mosque is mesmerizing, created with gold and blue mix, Andulasian design patterned tiles and decorative calligraphy. 


The Liberation Tower is called after the multinational coalition also it’s a sign of liberation of the nation from Iraq. The arrangement indicates the historic importance of the place plus also a revolving restaurant is located here in addition to all the telecommunication office. The restaurant’s interior layout is superbly equipped with ceramic tiles, which attract a lot of tourists and make it a tourist spot to see in Kuwait.


Al Sadu museum is an exceptional museum in Kuwait in which an assortment of antiques and artifacts are located. The memorial is accompanied by a shop that sells different things like bags, rugs, home décor products, etc. It’s a renowned museum in Kuwait which shows the Bedouin style of weaving and Sadu weaving. The people can see alloy’s nice job, embroidery work used to decorate the drapes, and the conventional looms that wove magic.


Kuwait House of National Works is a memorial museum that catches the Gulf war’s morbid period in 1990-91. The museum can be found at Shuwaikh in Kuwait. There’s an invasion tunnel at the memorial that’s dramatized with sound and light effects that interrupts the narrative of Saddam’s invasion and annexation of Kuwait. The museum showcases various artifacts and remnants of war. There’s a Hall of Martyrs at the memorial at which tribute is granted to each of the brave soldiers of this war, along with also a special section is devoted to the Allied and NATO forces.


House of Mirrors is a Gorgeous place situated in Qadsiya in Kuwait. The location is personal property, and previous appointments are essential to go to the area. The place is beautifully made with a variety of mirrors, and the utter elegance of this art is magnificent on its outside walls. Everything from the wall into the floorboard to furniture is adorned with bits of mirrors in various shapes and sizes. It’s a dreamland for the people. There are three sparkling halls at home – The Shark hall, The Sea World Hall, and The Knowledge Hall.


The Seif Palace was mostly featured for its Emir royal. This palace is regarded as a significant part of the growth of Kuwait city. It’s the very best example of Islamic architecture, including the initial Islamic mosaic tile function. The palace complex appears amazing, using an artificial lake and a landing area for aquariums. Civilians aren’t allowed behind the palace’s entry, so they could only research the gardens and respect the palace building from the exterior.

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