Top iPhone App Development Trends To Follow In 2020

Amongst 4 million apps that will generate revenues of over $581.9 billion by the end of 2020 as per Statist’s predictions, Apple’s OS will continue to dominate all the records with a presence of more than 2 million iOS apps in the store.

After observing a decade-long period around the innovations & evolution of the next-generation mobile app technology, the developer community is now embracing some valuable trends & patterns of crafting platform-specific apps for Android &iOS. Nevertheless, both platforms comprise a vast user base of the tech-savvy population of present-day millennial, iOS rules in the mobile app market as the second-most popular platform after Android.

Keeping the preferences of iOS users in mind, most aspiring appreneurs outline iPhone app development in their business strategy to boost their profits. Just like every year, coders are eagerly waiting for the latest developments & updates arriving in the mobile app development industry this year as well. So, it is time to fold your sleeves to know top iOS app development trends that will rule in 2020.

Top iOS Mobile App Development Trends 2020

Meanwhile, tech enthusiasts are excited to foresee the future of iOS apps & mobile app technologies, developers are gearing up to adopt the latest iPhone app development trends for their coming projects:

More Prominence to the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT technology is on the way ahead to transform the world of smart automation for users. No doubt, the Internet of Things is turning our lives towards the outstretched horizons of internet-friendly gadgets with the indulgence of mobile app technology.  According to Statista’s report, the IoT market will generate record-breaking revenues with expansive market size of more than $1.6 trillion by the end of the year of 2025.

IoT is a big hit as there is a massive growth in the number of smart device users in the global market. From agriculture to logistics, enterprises, retail, entertainment, healthcare, & other industries, IoT technology is leveraged everywhere to boost efficiency & precision in business operations with smart automation.

Currently, iOS app developers are focusing on the role of the Internet of Things in providing more options for better connectivity & data sharing. Therefore, IoT is at the top of our list of the latest iPhone app development trends in 2020.

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Swift Programming is on the Forefront

Since the release of the latest version of Swift last year on April 19, 2019, was a smash hit in the tech industry, the developer community is exceptionally enthusiastic to implement the new features & functionalities of this programming language for iOS app development.

More than three thousand iOS apps are built on Swift and that’s one more reason to justify why developers are crazy about using this official programming language by Apple.  Its new version i.e Swift 5 is more stable as compared to the previous one and it is preferred for rendering scalability, efficiency, & security to the app. Hence, we are marking Swift 5 as one of the top iPhone mobile app development trends.

High-tech Security Remains at the Top

Apple’s high-end security system is already on the top of the line. The risks of cyber threats continue to raise concerns about the data breaches and that’s why security is a major trend of iOS app development in 2020.  With the release of iOS 13, iOS app development service providers have got a lot of options to solidify the security structure of their apps

Also, developers are taking personal data protection seriously to facilitate users who transact via iOS apps and for this, they’re working on AppTransportSecurity (ATS) to escalate the level of security with every software product they build. ATS is the most preferred tool to ensure the security & privacy of user data shared on iOS apps.

More Power to Augment Reality & Virtual Reality

Both AR & VR technologies are on the top of headlines of the global tech news updates. All the credits for enthralling gamers with realistic user experience through virtual vision go to Augment Reality & Virtual Reality indeed. The entire gaming industry is driven by the potentials of these two powerful technologies in reshaping the future of mobile gaming applications.

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While people are thrilled with their gaming experience on AR/VR apps, developers are keen to continue with this trend for iPhone app development in this year also. For building iOS apps with 3D features & AR functions, programmers must switch to ARkit, a tool that can deliver never-felt-before user experience on virtual-based mobile apps. Even Amazon collaborated with ARkit to power up the tool with more innovative & useful features. Therefore, it can be said that the combination of iOS with AR/VR will together keep reviving the virtual ecosystem in the long run.

‘Machine Learning’ is in Talks of the Town

Irrespective of niches from specific industries, most aspiring appreneurs are interested to apply Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in their upcoming iOS app development projects. ML is noted as a major trend that every programmer follows to meet their goals with mobile app solutions.

There is no doubt core machine learning presents a wide exposure to performance-driven iOS app development with more opportunities to experiment with functions of Siri, QuickType, Camera, & more. ML comes up with a robust library that renders lag-free communication experience to iOS app users along with the benefits of meticulous image analysis for face detection.

Final Words

That’s all with the list of top iPhone mobile app development trends to follow in 2020. With all sorts of reasons to get an app for iPhone users, businesses invest in iPhone app development to earn more revenues with the advantage of customer loyalty, security, & better user engagement.

The facts may surprise you but it is good to accept that even though the count of iOS apps is lower in comparison with Android apps, the demand for iPhone app development is consistently surging in the global market. In the coming

days, we can foresee the arrival of more and more iOS apps in the competitive sphere of the mobile app industry.

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