Top Tips For Using Self Storage

Self-storage units, whether for short term or long term storage purposes, is a great, stress-free option to acquire the much-needed space for household or office stuff. Figuring out what and how to organize and pack things that can optimize the use of your storage unit and give you value for your money, you need to follow some tips.

You will need to make a checklist for the best self-storage tips and tricks that will make you feel like a pro, and relaxed when you want to relocate the things.

Tips for choosing a trustworthy storage company:

Placing your belongings with a third party can be risky, even if you’re not planning to store anything of great value. Always choose a company with a proven track record of reliability, convenience, and at the same time, frugal. You can look out for all available options in London at Self Storage Outlet and get exclusive discounts. Your search for a secure storage unit that fits any budget, right from collecting to storing and returning your stuff as and when required, ends with STORED. Our policies and costs are transparent, keeping the interest of our valued customers in mind.

Make an inventory of all the things you plan to store so that you can decide on the storage unit size that will be required, and also, it will keep you organized. You can also use quartermaster systems to organize your inventory. We can guide you as to what you can and what you cannot store in a storage unit. At STORED, our storage units are secured with CTV surveillance cameras and alarms by a professional security company and dual security padlocks on all doors.

Tips to protect your items:

Disassemble large furniture, to preserve metallic furniture polish it and apply wax to wooden furniture, bubble wrap, or provide cushioning like blankets, towels or paper to protect areas from denting, scratching and breaking.
Employ professional cleaning services to prevent the growth of mildew and mold during storage. Our staff at STORED can help you dismantle and provide packing materials like bubble wrap, packing boxes, and tape for a minimal rate.
Pack electronics in their original boxes with all their paraphernalia and accessories and stuff empty spaces to keep the boxes sturdy. Wash and clean all appliances to prevent rusting, rotting, buildups, or pests. Wrap up appliances cords, and put cleaned attachments inside the machines. Make sure all items are dehydrated before storing, drain any water from tanks, hoses, and tubing.

Clearly label all your boxes and pack boxes strategically. Use a filing cabinet with password-protected locks for all confidential and private documents and files. You can even use transparent airtight plastic boxes so that things are visible.

Tips for unit organization:

Place things that you’re most likely to need towards the front or in an easily accessible position. Use vertical space and try to create a pathway to walk within your unit. Keep boxes and furniture off the floor whenever possible. Instead of crowding things on the floor, stack boxes keeping the bulkier items closer to the ground. Keep appliances upright against the wall. Leave appliances door slightly open to avoid musty smells.

General self-storage tips:

Take professional precautions such as appraisals and insurance whenever storing antique or rare collectibles. Valuable furniture, appliances, photographs, artwork, and books may need to be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit, especially if you plan to save it for the long term. We offer self-storage solutions, believe in excellent customer service, building a relationship with our clients, and provide additional amenities, all at a minimum cost.
If you want our professional teams to help, move your belongings to our storage unit with the utmost care and STORED with safety all over London.

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