What are the Benefits of Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy?

Every time your body is changing itself. The bodily mechanism revolves around the timely formation of new cells and the replacement of dead cells. The harmony of the process determines how well-balanced your bodily environment is. Accumulation of unwanted stuff in the body disrupts this harmony, and a host of ailments start hitting your body. Electromagnetic Pulse therapy devices like PEMF mats interact with natural electric charges, speeding up cellular reactions for faster regeneration and self-healing.

1. Unique from other Treatments?

PEMF machines create an electric field that generates a magnetic field, so it is known as an electromagnetic field and uses it for therapeutic use, just as the magnetic field affects any charged body in its surrounding. For your body, a magnetic field passing through it affects 70 trillion cells of your body. Just imagine, could any other treatment affect your body more holistically.

2. Benefits your Body at the Cellular Level

Your body cells function to eliminate wastes, generate energy, and self-repair along with the exclusive function they perform depending on their type and location. Electromagnetic fields facilitate the movement of ions within tissues. This movement of ions like potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium is crucial for carrying out chemical reactions within tissues. ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) fulfills the energy requirement of the cells. The lower level of ATP results in the sickening of the cells and hinders these from giving their best performance. An increased movement of electrolytes and ions through an electromagnetic field remarkably increases their energy.

Moreover, electromagnetic fields affect cell membrane channels to open up and allow nutrients to enter and wastes to exit from the cell. This mechanism keeps cells in their best condition. You might think, why is cell restoration so important? These cells are the basic entities that come close to form tissue and body organs. So the wellness of cells becomes a parameter for determining the wellness of organs and your overall body. Taking care of cells at the right time delays the cell damage caused by aging.

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These benefits at the cellular level manifest themselves biologically as:

  •     Accelerated cell growth
  •     Accelerated tissue repair
  •     Relief in pains
  •     Reduction in chronic inflammation and swelling
  •     Reduction in fibrous tissue formation
  •     Fast recovery from injuries
  •     Increase in Endorphin production
  •     Increased lymph and blood flow
  •     Improves management of anxiety, depression, and stress
  •     Improved sleep
  •     Improvement in the immune system
  •     Improvement in bones, joints, and muscle health
  •     Slows down aging
  •     Improved blood circulation and oxygenation

3.    Keeps You Safe and Healthy

People generally confuse electromagnetic devices with other devices of varying frequencies like microwaves and cell phones. Their frequencies called electro-smog can damage cells by inducing heat and modification of genes. No such risks are associated with an electromagnetic pulse.

PEMF devices generally produce frequencies between ELF (extremely low frequencies) and VLF (very low frequencies) range without inducing heat. Especially the home-based devices like PEMF mats offer natural frequencies. You can understand this from the example of MRI machines that are safe for machine operators and patients.

What Time Does PEMF Require You to Heal Your Body?

The incidence of a disease takes place at different levels, starting at the energetic level, physiologic level, pathophysiologic level, and finally, pathologic level. The higher the level is, the more time and regeneration it requires. The body can quickly fix an illness at the energetic level than at the pathologic level, where it requires dramatic treatment. Any slight body imbalance can be fixed easily when treated at the right time. It is important to learn that for diseases at the pathologic level, PEMF cannot completely cure the illness; rather, it improves body health by supporting other vital body functions. In that case, you have to consider the body’s recovery timeline exhibiting a realistic approach. Another perk is that you can easily apply it as adjunctive treatment with other modes of treatment.

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PEMF offers a multitude of benefits that you can loosely classify as restoration, immunity, and detoxification. Try the therapy, and you would not regret it.

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