What is PHP and Why it is Used?

Previously the PHP was an abbreviation for personal home pages but now it is called a hypertext preprocessor that can be considered as a server-side scripting language that is mainly used for web applications, static websites, and dynamic website development projects.

Basic PHP and server-side scripting languages

PHP must be installed on your server to know about PHP scripts. Through your website browser on your computer, you use PHP for the local website acts as a server-side language.

To access the PHP script you need a web browser. Server-side activity is performed when a user requests some pages by your web browser to the server. From CSS, Javascript, or HTML, your browser will get instructions for translating the content displayed on your screen.

By web browser, these instructions will be executed. To send a request, your website server will use software or hardware to server. The HTML code processed will be generated by the browser prior to showcase content on your screen.

The content on your web server will be stored as

  • Images
  • Website Pages
  • Media
  • Other assets.

Why PHP is used?

There are different uses of PHP. The most crucial and repeated use of PHP is performing calculations, working with cookies, gathering user details. Let us see all these in detail.


1. Working with cookies

Cookies are very important aspects of recognizing your customers and saving their priorities on your website. This will make sure that your users will not be required to add extra details every time they enter your website. In short, a cookie is a small file present on your user’s computer. PHP permit you to modify, delete, create, and retrieve cookies.

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2. Use of PHP for calculations

All different kinds of calculations will be performed with PHP even you can solve mathematical equations or define specific date falls on which day. For maths expressions, PHP uses operators and operands.

Some of them are

  • Multiplications
  • Division
  • Maths
  • Additions
  • Subtraction

The core PHP comes with plenty of math functions. To use any of those mathematical functions you won’t require any installations.


3. With PHP gather user details

PHP helps you to interest in users and script directly. This seems to be very simple just like the conversion of Fahrenheit temperature value to Celsius. PHP also can be used for major interaction such as adding information to address books, posting forums, survey participation, etc.


4. Creating Graphics with PHP and GD library

For the creation of simple graphics and modifying your existing graphics, PHP is included with the GD library ideal. You have full control to convert your images thumbnails or grayscale, rotate images, and resize. You can also generate CAPTCHA verification to use practical applications or you can modify your avatars. Dynamic signatures for Twitter can be changed including dynamic and constantly changing graphics.

When to use HTML?

One should use HTML to modify the appearance of your website. To create front ends HTML is very important that changes the complete appearance of your website and text format. With other languages web developer uses HTML

When to use PHP?

To work with server control, PHP is very helpful. This language will help you to perform a particular task on your server plus they use it for data retrieval. For creating apps, PHP is a very crucial language. Most of the servers make the use of PHP for primary backend functions because of enhancing the functionality provided by PHP language.

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PHP comes with awesome reliable support and security for various protocols that includes

  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • HTTP
  • NNTP

For WordPress PHP is?

  • An important scripting language for building customized WordPress features.
  • Customized WordPress templates and plugins.
  • Used for communicating with WordPress server, and requesting action.


Hope the basic concepts of PHP are cleared.

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