Why Submit Articles?

1.Free Advertising
Your article containing your website link is the tool to promote your service or product. If visitors find your service or product interesting then they would be eager to know more about it .So your article should contain the backlink of your particular product or service so that they can be directed to your website. Nothing else can get unlimited numbers of visitors to your website.

2. Get Instantly high traffic to your website.
As recorded on April 2011 ,on an average there are 129 readers active every 15 minutes. So as soon as you publish your article, you will start getting traffic instantly.

3. Backlinks
Once You submit your article, it will not be deleted for years unless you violate any TOS. For TOS refer FAQ.
Imagine you have submitted your article 2 years ago, you will still get backlinks even after 2 years, thereby boosting your search engine rankings.

4. Trust:
If visitors like your article, then they would love to read more from you. This will develop a cycle of trust with your readers.

5. Quality
Remember, the quality of your article should be good. This will leave a good impression on your readers .
Ensure that your article is free from spelling and grammatical errors. Make use of Bold and italic option. Select the text and make your text either bold or italic so that it will look good.

6. High quality traffic to your Website:
The best way to increase traffic in a short period of time is to write articles. You don’t have to invest a single cent in this. This is possibly the best, effective and free method of doing SEO.
All that it requires is thinking ability, few hours in a day and good writing skills.

7.Earning by sales without a website.
If you do not have a website, do not worry as you can still make a decent income without a website.
Here we go:
Become an affiliate of a service or product .You can become an affiliate on Ebay, Amazon Clickbank or any other website.
Write an article related to that niche. Explain in detail what your product or service is all about?
Insert your affiliate link in the article or you can also insert your email id to allow visitors to reach you.
Fill out your complete profile so that Potential readers can reach you.
Create your author account and start publishing your article to increase traffic and generating leads at absolutely free of cost.
We do not charge for anything. For maintenance and server charges, we keep running advertisement on our site.
If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to ask. Feel free to ask us anything using Contact Us.

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