Advantages of Living and Working in Hyderabad

Known as the City of Pearls, Hyderabad is among the top Indian cities, and for good reason. From its rich heritage and legacy to its rapidly growing IT sector, from great amenities to the best of cuisines (Biryani, anyone?) the city has a lot for everyone.

Hyderabad has been an important part of the Indian subcontinent since time immemorial and even today, it is one of the top destinations for youth looking to pursue quality education or start off on an illustrious career path. But before you pack your bags for the City of Nawabs, here’s a little inside scoop into what surprises and awesome experiences await you here.

Cost of Living: The story of every student and a fresh professional is the same – a struggle to align bank balance with bills. However, if you have chosen Hyderabad to be your new home, you can afford to live the best of life at a much affordable price, when compared to leading metropolitan cities. For instance, rental costs in Hyderabad are much lower than Delhi or Mumbai and they have a wide variety of accommodation available for the young. PGs in Hyderabad have evolved into better quality, standardized offerings, with the advent of managed accommodation operators like Stanza Living. They’ve created well-designed, fully-managed, all-inclusive living spaces catering to the young population that does not want to just survive but thrives. Stanza Living residences are located across popular locations in the city – Nizampet, Kukatpally, Q City, etc – making them a very convenient and accessible living solution for most students and working professionals.

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The Cuisine: While we are all aware of the famous Hyderabadi Biryani, it is not the only thing that this beautiful city has to offer. From Mirchi ka Salan to boti kabab, Hyderabad is a sizzling platter of beautiful dishes. Stroll along the streets and check out authentic restaurants that are still relying on their trusty tandoor to give you a yummy welcome to Hyderabad.

The People: Did you know that Hyderabad is also known as the City of Smiles or the City of a Thousand Faces? These names were coined keeping in mind the hospitality and friendliness of the local people who have been so welcoming to migrants. With a history of various ruling dynasties, Hyderabad is a melting pot of culture that embraces every language, heritage, and tradition with open arms. The most endearing part? The adorable mix of Hindi, Urdu, and Telegu that is spoken here!

The IT Hub: Hyderabad, like Bengaluru, has made its mark in the IT space. With sprawling tech parks dotted along with the city and mega software conglomerates, the place is perfect for those looking to start a career or accelerate their growth. Hyderabad has something for everybody.

The City’s Vibe: Hyderabad epitomizes the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. While you roam the streets of old Hyderabad, you can feel the city beckoning you to explore its rich heritage and get a taste of its legacy in the cuisine, artifacts, clothing, crafts on offer. Stepping into locations like Jubilee Hills, Q city, etc and it seems like you have traveled through time, as you get to experience the plush, new-age infrastructure and amenities that give the city its upcoming metropolis tag.

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Hyderabad is truly a city worth experiencing. The culture, traditions, and modern approach to life, make it a place where you will never feel like a stranger. And if you are looking for a place to stay where you can meet interesting people, interact and grow with them in a fun and wholesome environment, you should check out Stanza Living.

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