Best Audible Alternatives for Listening to Audiobooks

Essentially an Audiobook app, “Audible” is the gold standard in the seemingly crowded market. So, With over 400,000 audio programs from well-known publishers, broadcasters, & entertainers, the world’s most significant producer of downloadable Audiobooks is a one-stop-platform toward bibliophiles. Meanwhile, almost everything about this Audible application is good; the expensive price tag that stands at $14.95/monthly makes it a little bit too costly for everyday users. Furthermore, as compared to some of the noted rivals, its user interface is a bit confusing. Thus, whether you are looking for a reasonably good audiobook app at a much lower price or looking for a free service, so we have dished out the 10 best Audible Alternatives in 2021. 

How do Audiobooks Work & How do You get them?

The Audiobooks work just like any podcasts. Well, I mean, you can stream them online or download your favourite audiobooks to listen offline. Many audiobook apps offer you the flexibility to add your favourites to wishlist & even create a substantial library of all audiobooks that attract you.

So, With a massive collection of audiobooks at the disposal, you can explore the entire library and select your favourites. After that, you will listen to them as and when you want. Hence, Depending on your preference, you will be capable of fine-tuning volume, adjust speed, and set a sleep timer to embrace sleep with full peace of mind. 

Which Audiobook Application Would be Better for You?

If you can put it right, selecting your favourite Audiobook app depends entirely on two key aspects: your reading taste and budget. Look for the apps with a vast library and deliver a large selection of books if Vous are a bibliophile.

However, once in a while when you hear audiobooks, opt for the cheaper and free Audible alternatives. We selected a range of apps in the following round so that enthusiastic and incidental audiobook listeners could find the best app to fit their needs seamlessly. 

The Best Audible Alternatives You Can Try

This is always better to take a close look at needs before exploring options: 

Google Play Books


No matter what suits your taste, if you want the best audible choices, it is nothing but a bugger to keep Google Play Books out of sight. The app has undoubtedly the biggest eBook collection (more than 5 million in 2013), and now a colossal audiobook library has slowly and steadily been compiled by the tech giant. As far as personalization is concerned, “Google Play Books” leaves Audible in the running. The app tracks what you are most interested in or what kind of content is always your main priority and recommends it accordingly. And you can quickly find the desired book anytime you want to read or listen to something unique.

You may also take notes that are synchronized with Google Drive when exploring the library. And you can work with your audiobook buddies seamlessly. Google Play Books, like Audible, also deliver multi-language audiobooks. Google Play Books is best achieved by offering better local language choices since it’s configured for your area already. I spoke about the library for an audiobook because Google doesn’t list the number of available titles like Audible. There was no problem there, so I noticed them on all the services. So, I don’t believe that in this area you ought to have any trouble. In general, I found the Google Play Books to be robust and consider them one of the market’s best audible alternatives.



If you have nothing but high-quality audiobook books, you should not miss out on this long-standing Audible audiobook app. With over 150,000 titles in an excellent library, the app has high quantity and consistency for your benefit. In addition to providing tons, the app also offers a wide range of kids and family-friendly audio libraries in various genres. Therefore I suggest that you check it out if the Audible’s catalogue does not seem to suit your family’s standards.

Audiobooks stacks also well, over and above the great library, with Audible in terms of personalization. To keep up with your speed, you should preferably customize the GUI, use a sleep timer, and import your favourite products.

The app has an extensive roster of podcasts, in addition to audiobooks (over 700,000). But, if you’re looking for a similar app such as Audible to listen to audiobooks and podcasts, you’d find a much more challenging alternative. I bet that. I bet. The rates are neck and neck, both Audible and Audio Book. However, the high prices took it slightly away from the norm and also at a disadvantage.

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If all you want is a simple audio audiobook application that allows you to access several audiobooks free of charge, Spotify is the one I would recommend. Although the app’s best music streaming service globally is more known, it has compiled a substantial audio collection. Of course, in terms of usability and consistency, Spotify cannot go directly toward a premium audiobook book app like Audible. However, if you want reasonably good audiobooks without spending money, you can satisfy your order.

Spotify was still top-class interface-wise. It also provides a great deal of customization. I find Spotify intuitive and flexible in contrast with Audible. You can therefore stream it or download it to listen offline when you have found your favourite audiobooks. You can add audiobooks to your playlist, particularly for a smooth listening experience in the audiobook book. Spotify is, in short, one of Audible’s best free choices. 

Kobo Books


Kobo Books’ is the kind of app that always was one of my favourite choices for many reasons. In the first place, the app has a fine audio audiobook collection that seems always to have exciting things waiting for your attention.

Second, the app has an elegant interface that provides an outstanding hearing experience for your audiobooks. As a bibliophile, this is precisely what you want to hear your favourite books in full. Finally, Kobo Books give the Audible a lower price. It is much cheaper than the latter at just $9,99/month. Besides, Kobo Books allows you to purchase additional loans to buy more of the audiobooks for an extra $9.99 low price.

People who choose to tailor their audio audiobook applications would enjoy a variety of remarkable features to make their experience more personalized. Oh yeah, it also has a fantastic nightlife so that you can easily enjoy your collection at night. With its improved pricing approach and adaptability, this is one of the best audible options you can now use.



Overdrive will let you listen to your favourite audiobooks for free whether you are a student or a valid member of an endorsement library. More than 30,000 libraries around the world use Overdrive for a simpler book loans network for their users.

You need a valid account with a library, school or other institution to benefit from Overdrive. You can hear all of the audiobooks offered for free, once you have been certified. Besides, you can also share feedback on the books you want to hear. You can also create the desired list of all your favourite books and conveniently return titles.

No worry about late payments, as titles are returned automatically. OverDrive is open, just like Audible, on many platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and more. But you can check out Overdrive if you’re trying to find a free alternative to Audible to hear great audiobooks.

Apple Books


Look no further than Apple Books if you’re deep within the Apple ecosystem searching for a reasonably decent audio audiobook sound that can be battled Audible on most fronts. The app is not only full of functionality; it is also durable enough to suit your audiobook or book read needs. If it’s a wide variety of mysteries or a growing catalogue of thrillers, you’re shielded almost like Audible. The app also offers curated collections based on what you are most interested in.

To help you keep track of trendy books, you can access all popular books and audio libraries in the app’s Top Charts section. I have to admit that Apple’s offering is as up to date in contrast to Audible as anyone who still needs plenty of customization.

The app helps you to arrange your library in the best way for you. Moreover, unlike Audible, it tracks your listening and reading closely and provides greater perspective. It also helps you to improve your patterns of reading. I love the tidy application user interface. If you are an Apple user, it may be the best audible options for you – no matter how you look.



“Scribd” has always been one of the bestest audiobook applications on the market, with a growing selection (1 million titles) of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and more. So in this coveted lineup, you shouldn’t be shocked to see it. The app includes best-selling and popular audiobooks in a wide variety of genres, no matter whether you want to read science fiction or want to fly.

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Scribd also has a pretty impressive personalized user interface. This audiobook book app can be personalized best for your preferences. You can also change the narration pace depending on your comfort. And if you are accustomed to hearing your favourite books at night, don’t forget to set a dormitory so that the app stops listening to audiobooks automatically at the appointed time.

Like Audible, Scribd also helps you to download your favourite books online and quickly listen to them. I have found the latter a more vital touch, as someone who wants more personalization. You can make notes and create cool annotations. The font size can be customized to include some fun elements and an excellent colour from the background.

As far as the price is concerned, Scribd comes at $8.99. All in all, it can be an intelligent option if you’re looking for a cheaper audible alternative without affecting consistency or number



Ok, if you’ve liked OverDrive, you’re more likely to select “Libby” from the same business too. She’s blessed with an array of ebooks and audiobooks, like her sibling. And you will have access to lots of books for reading and listening if you can get a free library card. The app (like its famous counterpart) allows you to download all your favourite audiobooks to ensure listening to your audio audiobook is never suddenly interrupted.

Libby has the adorable features to hold the fort against Audible on the customization front. So it won’t trick you if you always look for a tailored experience. It’s up to the challenge when it comes to syncing. All your loans to bookmarks and reading positions are synchronized across devices so you can switch from one device to the other without a long listening break.

Moreover, without dolling many bulk products, you can make the most of it, making it a much better option for the people who find audible very costly. In the right view, Libby is a perfect free replacement for Audible.



“stories” seemed very impressive to me as someone with an insatiable inclination for writing. So, I’d suggest you remember if you’re also charmed by fiction. The app lets you choose from over 110,000 audiobooks, all of them in terms of quality and variety, to compete with Audible on many fronts.

Downloading books and playing them on any MP3 player means that most of the audiobooks are DRM-free, yet another benefit is flexibility. It also adds a range of new releases weekly to keep your queue prosperous.

New releases by eStories are more than decent inconsistency, although they do not equal Audible offerings. But in one department – unlimited free audiobook cloud storage that allows you to store your books – I find it more straightforward for users. Thus, if you’re looking for an app that helps you create an enormous audiobook collection, you should select it.



You cannot go wrong with “Downpour” for a smooth hearing audiobook experience. Much like Audible’s most predecessors, it also comes with a valuable library of more than 80,000 titles that promise to be exclusive to everyone. The app provides some of the best classics, including Pulitzer, Nobel, Man Booker, PEN/Faulkner, Hugo and national book award winners, a perfect choice for the tasteful.

In addition to the perfect catalogue, the app took excellent care of the basics. You can, for example, build your wishlist of things to be heard later on. To ensure the audiobooks remain according to your preference, it allows you to change the pace and provides a wholly integrated sleep timer to sleep with your favourite story. Also, a simple note may be added, so that essential pieces are not missed. In short, Downpour is a pretty decent option for people who enjoy great classics around the world.

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Choose the Best Similar Audible App

I hope you’ve finished searching for a similar Audible app – in a pleasant fashion. The choice of the right one for your outstanding audio audiobook experience should not be a lot with so many impressive decisions. Now that the deal is over, let me know what you have selected and considered cute.

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