Free Internet Project to Help Needy Pupils to Continue Study Online

The Scheme of Government:-

The Government of the UK has provided free internet services to help needy students for six months. The purpose of this service is to remove the issue of the no-internet accessibility of poor pupils. So, they can continue their online studies without any hindrances. But the Government has to take necessary steps to ensure high-speed and constant internet to every pupil who is enabled to afford his internet connection. According to a press release or online dissertation help, the present Government has to overcome all the hindrances which students are facing regarding their online education or Online Assignment Writing Service.

The procedure of distribution:-

The management has made specific vouchers that are distributed among needy pupils. However, there is no such plan which declares the eligibility criteria for students. Initially, the UK government will entertain 10,000 families with free internet service across the country. An organization, namely BT, fund this project. BT is a multinational British Telecommunications company holding company headquarters in London. While all the vouchers for free internet access are distributed by the management of the Education department.

Imperfections of Online Education System:-

It is clear if students cannot afford high-speed broadband connections at their home, they will not be able to continue their studies. As a result, they would bear a significant loss of education. At present, every student is attending their online classes. Still, some poor pupils cannot afford laptops or computers to attend their classes in this epidemic of coronavirus. They do not meet the basic needs of digital learning. Some schools which are operated with low funds are also deprived of laptops and the internet. In this situation, the faculty is unable to make a connection with their pupils online. It is decided now that the pupils will study online till September. But it is an irreparable loss of poor pupils who cannot afford digital technology to access their virtual classes.

Minister of Standards of School, Mr. Nick Gibb, said they would make every possible effort to make all the students able to attend their online studies. The Department of Education will provide free laptops to needy pupils along-with free internet service to continue their studies. They are collecting a database of poor pupils from every school at the district level.

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A campaign launched to provide free technology to every poor pupil. This campaign estimated that there are almost 700,000 needy pupils who are deprived of technology and internet access. Mr. Siobhan McDonagh is the leader of this campaign, to make ensure the fair division of technology and vouchers among needy pupils.

Mr. Wayne Norrie is the Chief Executive Officer at Greenwood Academies Trust. He declared that most of the pupils of his schools use mobile data for internet service. That does not meet the speed requirement for an online education platform. So, those pupils face many difficulties to attend online lectures. It can create a lot of disadvantages for those pupils regarding their course-outline. The majority of pupils do not have a stable broadband internet connection at home. It is the responsibility of the Government now to provide free broadband access to these pupils so that they can continue their online studies.

Scheme of Education Department:-

The organization BT and Department of Education signed a contract to provide free access to the internet to needy pupils. In the first phase, they will build free five million Wi-Fi stations and then offer free vouchers to poor pupils for connections to Wi-Fi. The ministry has assigned local authorities to collect the database of needy pupils and schools. They will send all data to the Education Department, and then the Department will release a summary for the distribution method. Free internet vouchers will be distributed among poor pupils and needy schools on district levels. Each student will be able to connect three devices with one coupon provided by BT. This voucher will contain a code for free Wi-Fi hot-spots built in different stations.

Free Laptop Distribution:-

In April, the Government announced to distribute free laptops to pupils who cannot afford to buy a laptop to continue their studies. At the initial phase, the Minister of Education promised to distribute 200,000 free laptops to needy schools and pupils. They have distributed about 100,000 laptops now. In the second phase, they will distribute the remaining 100,000 laptops sooner. It will help a lot of students to continue their online studies in summer as well as Autumn. But, there are many poorer pupils still across the country who are unable to continue their education due to a lack of digital technology. The government is making sure to reach every student to make them eligible for the continuation of online learning.

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A member of BT organization, Mr. Marc Allera said in a conference, “Digital learning is not an easy task for each student, as most of them lack facilities for online classes which include laptops and internet connection. But we will produce digital technology to each needy student so that he can continue his classes and make a contribution to the progression of the country in the future.”

At present, when all the curriculum of education is shifted to a virtual platform due to the pandemic of coronavirus. Many schools do not have internet connections still. It creates a difficult situation for teachers. There are many reasons for this gruel situation. One of them is the lack of funds for the development of digital infrastructure. While the other one is, it is thought a bad thing to have an internet connection in many rural areas. The rural community needs awareness of the importance of digital education at this time. Otherwise, students of those rural areas will not continue their studies; as a result, they would be pushed back from the present classes.

While in some areas, students are willing to continue online studies, but they are facing many hindrances. The Government does not have introduced broadband to such areas still resulting in no internet connections at homes. Those students are demanding a rapid and reliable transmission of the internet in their area so that they can minimize their educational losses.

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