Great Careers In STEM To Consider

When it comes to careers, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) majors are always in demand. The world of today is simply saturated in technology and fields related to technology are always growing and in need of manpower. In fact, many students are often reminded of the need to gain technology skills and choose to take STEM certifications such as a mechanical engineering diploma as this could greatly boost their portfolio. And this trend will only continue as the world gets even more technologically advanced. Therefore, STEM jobs are going to continue to be the most in-demand and profitable jobs available. As such, we will be talking about some of the greatest STEM jobs one should consider. 

  • Systems Architect (Average Annual Income: $108,700)


If you haven’t heard of Systems Architects, they are essentially people who work as a link between businesses and technology. They help businesses design and execute the architecture of an IT system for the business. This is one of the highest paying jobs in the IT industry and working in this industry is sure to be profitable. However, this would require you to have a deep understanding and knowledge of networks, structures, and software. You would need to be able to design and suggest possibilities for your clients’ systems. Additionally, you would also be working within the business zone, therefore, you’d need to be somewhat aware of the business world and be able to complete projects on time for your clients.

To work in this industry, you’d need a degree in computer science or software engineering. Depending on where you are in the world, you might also need industry certifications and even a project management qualification.

  • Data Scientist (Average Annual Income: $90,600)

One of the biggest game-changers in the twenty-first century is the addition of data to businesses. Big data is essentially using gigantic sets of data to predict trends, patterns, and associations in the world. This is especially in the case of looking at how people behave and interact. With the current usage of big data, industries would obviously need adept data scientists who can analyze and apply the data found. This is most important as you’d want the data collected to be used as efficiently as possible.

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If you’re looking to be a data scientist, you would want to have a degree in mathematics or statistics. If your undergraduate degree wasn’t in either of these, you can always go on to get a postgraduate certification for data science. This would still allow you to find a job in data science. Almost every industry has a need for data scientists and therefore, you do not have to specialize in any industry knowledge. However, if you do have an industry that you prefer, having additional knowledge in that industry could further boost your marketability. 

  • Mechanical Engineer (Average Annual Income: $69,340)

To be honest, any engineering discipline would have you highly sought after. However, mechanical engineers are the most in-demand – their skills are adaptable to different environments and this has them able to work in various fields. After all, every field has some kind of machine usage, and having an engineer who’s able to design, manufacture, analyze, and maintain a machine is needed.

If you’re thinking of getting into mechanical engineering, there are two possible routes. The first, more common route, is by simply getting into an engineering school and doing a degree in mechanical engineering. The second would be by getting an apprenticeship. To be a mechanical engineer, you would need to be creative, interested, and good in mathematics, and have logical thinking skills. These are all important for excelling in this field. If you’ve always loved machines and figuring out how they work, you’d be definitely suited for this field!


  • Software Engineer (Average Annual Income: $83,880)

Software engineers are programmers who design, manufacture and maintain software applications. They could be doing so for clients and their specific demands and desires, or they could be doing so based on their own ideas and plans. This means that software engineers are usually people who work in many different industries as they simply apply their programming skills to a specific industry’s needs. In essence, software engineers can be hired by many. Some engineers may prefer to work on their own or within a small group. Others may choose to work for large tech companies such as Google, Facebook, or Apple.

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Software engineers usually have degrees in computer science, however, this degree isn’t essential for this job. What is essential is a consummate knowledge of programming languages and being able to apply these skills logically and systematically. This would make one a skilled software engineer. 

  • Doctor (Average Annual Income: $140,150)

Lastly, medicine is one of the safest and best options within the STEM world. Doctors are essential in any location and this is a job that technology cannot completely take over. Therefore, they are a somewhat safe option – you don’t have to worry about your job becoming obsolete. Overall, doctors earn the most within the healthcare industry. If you are a specialist, your earning potential also increases further.

However, getting to be a doctor is extremely difficult. You’d first have to get yourself into medical school, which is highly competitive. Just to get in, you’d have to have excellent grades and co-curricular activities. You’d have to show great leadership, volunteering experience, and other special skills to stand out and get into medical school. Once in, it’s long nights of studying for years to become a doctor too. However, it is a worthwhile career as you’d get to save lives and this can be extremely rewarding.



STEM jobs are some of the best careers to get into. These jobs require skills in science, mathematics, technology, and or engineering. They are the jobs that are actively involved in paving the way further towards the future. If this is an area that interests you, the aforementioned jobs might be for you. Aside from these five jobs, there are also many other STEM jobs available. Do some research and see if any others suit you!


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