4 Innovative Ways to Build Your Company Environment Friendly

2020 has very well shown us how small the entire human existence is in front of nature, and by going against nature, which we have been for quite a few years now, can possibly even wipe our entire existence.

Right from Australian BushFires, to the Amazon Fires, one can see that going against nature has fatal consequences. So, there is no better time than now to build an environment-friendly business.

People have various misconceptions that it will only add to their costs and they should not focus on it until it is a government obligation. But no, apart from being eco-friendly, going green holds a lot of financial benefits for you as well.

So, are you also willing to oblige your social responsibility? Here’s how you can begin!

  1.   Reengineer your work model to WFH

One of our key learnings from the current pandemic is that the office isn’t just about physical gathering in one place and working together. It’s 2020 and with advanced technology, you can easily embrace a remote working environment.

During this pandemic, we were forced into our homes along with the desktops/laptops. While there were some limitations, the number of benefits outsmarted them, including:

  • Employees don’t travel to and from the offices, thus, reducing the carbon footprint on the environment.
  • Adapting to a work-from-home environment also saves you money.
  •  The electricity at your physical office is also saved.

The time people spend commuting from one place to another can now be utilized in their work. Plus, you don’t have to completely shift to a WFH environment, you can also introduce maybe Wednesday and Friday remote working. Think about it.

  1.   Don’t dump E-Waste, instead recycle

Phones, televisions, tablets, and computers are a part of e-waste, which your organization will be generating in bulk and cannot be treated like any other waste. As technology advances, you will generate more e-waste, so why not find a correct way to recycle it?

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Let me tell you, your e-waste ending in some landfill is not the correct way to go about recycling it. What also happens to e-waste is that it is shipped to developing countries, where it is shredded and burned, and the emissions harm the environment along with human health.

So, what can you do? Simple, the government plays a part when it comes to e-waste, and that is why every city has locations where it is correctly recycled. Find that out, and recycle wisely.

  1.   Green Web Hosting is the future

Most people don’t know that the internet also puts a lot of strain on the environment. For instance, a company has a website or exists on the internet, it needs well-established data centers to run the same.

Such data centers of well-established companies put a significant strain on the environment, by leaving behind carbon footprints.

This is why we embrace the idea of green web hosting which will ensure that a significant power source is needed to generate renewable sources of energy. Tech giants like Facebook, Google have also chosen this path and have significantly reduced adverse environmental impacts.

  1.   Use Environmental Energy Sources

The energy sources that we rely on play a very important role when it comes to the environment. They are directly linked to carbon footprints that we produce, so why not rely upon alternative sources of energy, like solar, wind, or even geothermal energy.

This will significantly reduce the amount of strain we are putting on our environment. Not just that, initially, it might look like you are incurring a big cost while relying upon such alternative sources because of their high installation costs.

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But after some time, it will also prove to be an economical alternative for your business.

Another way of being environment-friendly is to reduce the use of paper in your organization. Start with using digital business cards in place of paper business cards. Apart from being environment-friendly, they are also extremely efficient. They reduce the chances of your contact getting lost, reduce costs, and also give you the benefits of updated technology.

It all starts with your intention. Do you want to be a more responsible citizen? Do you want your firm to fulfill their social obligation? If yes, you start following these innovative ways. Remember, every step that we take for our environment matters.

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