The Top Alaska Landmarks You Can Visit

On the extreme northwest of the United States of America is the state of Alaska. If you are roaming across the US on vacation and are an adventure-loving person, Alaska is a place you must visit. It will elocute the Gold Rush times when people from all over the world thronged in Alaska in search of gold.

With a cold Arctic type of climate, Alaska has a lot to offer to its tourist. The range of mountains in the backdrop, a scenic atmosphere all around with lush green, lakes, and fjords, welcomes all the nature lovers. Alaska also has a variety of lodges, restaurants, cruises, and hotels to keep you warm and safe, along with remarkable wildlife.

Glance through the key tourist spots in Alaska before you embark on your tour.

Monuments in Alaska

Alaska is known for its wilderness. Adventurers would love a trip across Alaska that also houses monuments of ecological, historical, and scientific significance. The Gates Monument near the Akiachak Peninsula is one of the most famous in the place.

The river flows serenely through the gorge. Tongass boasts of the national monuments that are surrounded by rugged mountains, rivers, and wildlife. The Misty Fjords National Monument and the National Monument of Tongass National Park are among the most significant monuments with gray wolves, mountain goats, and bears.

Historical Landmarks in Alaska

Alaska is a place for adventure lovers and history buffs. There are famous historical landmarks that narrate the rich local history of Alaska-

  • Oscar Anderson House is a famous historic landmark that houses the traditional style of the townsfolk in the past. It also marks the place where coal production, newspaper, and meatpacking boomed.
  • Kennicott Mine is a popular tourist destination that was once a copper mining area in the past.
  • Crow Creek Mine will remind you of the gold planning sites during the Gold Rush
  • Adak Army Base lets you have a sneak peek into the days of the Second World War.
  • Fort Glens is another army base that was in use during the Second World War and has been well preserved to date.
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Things to do in Seward, Alaska

If you ever want the ever-lasting taste of adventure, explore Seward’s nook and corner in Alaska.

  • Touch the Exit Glacier and feel the chilling cold, which is only a few minutes away from Seward, Alaska.
  • Explore on a water taxi on the Resurrection Bay and take a glimpse of the tidewater caves. Lose yourself in the serenity of the glassy waters, snow, and glaciers.
  • Kenai Fjords National Park is a place you cannot afford to miss at Seward, Alaska. Catch sight of the wildlife, including sea lions, puffins, and more.

Things to do in Kodiak, Alaska

The Kodiak Islands is the largest fishing hub in Alaska. Go out to the beaches and watch the locals fishing crab and salmon. Visit the Holy Resurrection Church, which reflects the Russian culture of Alaska. Watch two films and a plethora of indigenous exhibits, masks, and artifacts that narrate the natives’ lives at the Alutiiq Museum on Kodiak Harbor. Walk along the corridors of the Baranov Museum and Kodiak Military Museum. You may enjoy a sip of beer at the Kodiak Island Brewing Company.

Best Waterbodies in Alaska

Alaska is embedded with scenic lakes, glaciers, and water bodies with awe-inspiring beauty. The Resurrection Bay, the Seward Boat Harbor, and Tracy Arm Fjord are some great water bodies, to name a few. The Portage Glacier and the Matanuska Glacier are some geological formations that are giant crowd pullers. You may take a boat tour on the clean waters. Or enjoy the calm and beauty at the Waterfront Park or Bishop’s Beach Park.

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