What Walmart Can Teach Students about E-Commerce

E-commerce remains an ever-expanding and dynamic industry. With millions of people connected by the internet, this economic domain is growing at an alarming rate.

Walmart is one of the most popular and successful companies on the globe. The story of this company is absolutely legendary. This is the reason why there are many Walmart essays based on the success story of this chain store. Who knows? The free samples of these essays might have ignited the passion of some of today’s biggest entrepreneurs.

Walmart dominates a large fraction of the E-commerce market, especially in the United States. This Chain store also plays a big role in helping the academic career of its employees. There is so much to learn from Walmart’s rise to stardom.

Brief History of Walmart

Sam Walton founded this chain store in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. The project was initially an experiment. He focused his business on rural areas and merging suburban places. In no time, his company stood out. The early success of Walmart was due to:

  •       Selling the best low cost imported products to customers
  •       Diverse business portfolio of investment, goods, and brands
  •       Setting up a flexible supply chain by situating stores to warehouses
  •       Placing priority on advertising to prospective consumers

In the following years, the company began to establish more branches outside Arkansas. It set up megastores within two decades. In the early 1990s, Walmart was already the biggest thing in the USA. It began to spread its wings to Mexico, China, and some countries in Europe.

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By the early 2000s, Walmart was one of the biggest employers in the world. However, the company faced serious competition in the e-commerce world today, thanks to the rise of Amazon, Google, and other companies.

How Walmart Supports Students

Walmart sponsors tuition-free education for its employees who are studying online in 10 tertiary institutions. The University of Arizona is one of these institutions. In the past, the company allowed its employees to study in college for $1 daily throughout their education.

Walmart has scrapped that program for a better plan. It’s no doubt that loan paper debts constitute an immense burden for many US students. In August 2021, the company announced that it will cover all the book fees and college tuition of its associates.

The company rolled out this template due to the global economic situation. It will invest more than US$900 million in the career development of its associates. This program will allow many people to develop skills and get a solid education.

What Walmart Can Teach Students About E-Commerce?

Let us examine some Walmart current issues and how the company tackled them. The rise of online chain stores was big opposition to Walmart. An example is Amazon.

At times economic giants face turbulent times when the world’s trading system undergoes a massive transformation. This has inspired several writers and researchers to produce essays on problem solving in the e-commerce segment of the economic world. It is easier to reach more people across the globe via internet-based trading channels.

There are several free samples of online argumentative essays on how Walmart withstood competition and still remains relevant. These problem solving techniques will be useful to students.

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Speed Is Important During Adaptation

Walmart knew that it couldn’t last by focusing online on physical trading. The company acquired web domains to market its products too.  It invested a lot of money to get highly skilled workers as size is not too important in e-commerce.

Complementary Multi-Trading Channels

Despite the rise of online marketing, Walmart didn’t neglect its physical stores. The company sees physical marketing and e-commerce as two separate revenue streams, it has taken steps to develop both of them side by side.

A few years ago, the company began to offer discounts to customers who purchased goods physically. This persuasive strategy created room for more profits.

Adaptation of Technology of Product Delivery Chain

Walmart new technology strategy is to entrench automation to its product delivery processes. The company uses robots in many stores throughout the country. It is also experimenting with unmanned product pickup kiosks.


Walmart remains in stiff competition for the e-commerce market share. From a simple online bookseller store, this company has survived the test of time. It has established omnichannel marketing strategies and customer-focused online advertisements.

As a student, you could find yourself writing research papers on the e-commerce industry in the future. It won’t be bad to read essay samples and online articles on the sequential development of the Walmart ecommerce strategy. One unique lesson you will learn is the importance of sustainability, adaptation, and wise investments.

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