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Why Is a NetBase Social Media Audit Important?

Your social media marketing campaign may be in-house or outsourced, and its success may be affected by many factors. Establishing a social media marketing strategy is rather simple, but determining whether it’s a workable and profitable process may be a little complicated if you cannot conduct a thorough social media audit. A social media audit is an analytical process aimed at determining whether your social media strategy or campaign is earning the required business gains.

This post presents to you some of the essential gains that your company can get by conducting a social media audit.

Strategy Improvement

A social media audit can determine how well your social media platforms perform in terms of reaching out to your clients and prospective clients. With a proper review, you can know the number of current or potential clients that engage with your online social media platforms actively. The audit establishes the level of effectiveness of your strategies, and you can know when and how you’ll need to make improvements in your online marketing strategy.


Determining the Right Kind of strategies

Social media marketing campaigns can use different kinds of marketing strategies. You can use multimedia posts or choose to use simple text, images, and video posts. The number and variety of followers that each type of content garners is different. More often than not, videos and multi-media content often draws in more viewers and prospective clients than other forms of media. You should thus determine the kind of media that brings in more clients and use such an audit to improve it to better your viewership or client reach.

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Determining the Platforms that Perform

A social media marketing campaign can deploy different strategies on various online platforms. But it’s true that not all social media platforms can achieve the same results. Some social media platforms may be better at marketing your company’s services and products than others. Auditing can help you in determining the type of social media platform that achieves the best results in marketing. Such a review will help you in choosing the platforms to focus on to get the best results.


Audits Help in Improving Consistency

Brand and company names, as well as product and service names, should be consistent across different social media platforms. Lack of consistency may generate confusion for customers and prospective consumers. Audits are a tool that enables you to check for flexibility in what you present across different social media platforms.


Audits Help You to Understand What Is Working for Your Competitors

A comprehensive audit of your social media can help you to understand how well your competitors are using social media platforms as a marketing tool. Their success or failures can give you insightful ideas on where and when to deploy successful social media marketing campaigns. The analyses may help you to determine the kind of platform that works well for your competitors, and you can use such insights to focus on such a platform to improve your reach out.


Final Thoughts

Running a social media marketing campaign without performing occasional audits is like navigating in the dark without light. NetBase offers social media auditing services that enable your company to understand the dynamics and performance of different social media marketing strategies. With services provided by NetBase, you’ll determine the kind and path of social marketing strategies to follow.

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NetBase can evaluate the performance of different social media platforms in your online marketing campaign, and the generated results can help you to determine the right direction to follow in your online marketing campaign. Don’t work your way in the darkness, reach out to NetBase to quicken and improve your online social media marketing strategies.

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